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 Pregnant Baby - schwanger & geil: add. infos
Author: deezer 
Date:   12-09-15 20:04

Pregnant Baby - schwanger & geil

Direct German sound.
All cast German, except Fanny Steel.

Please add Andrea Dalton

She is together with Melissa Onyx the main actress of the film.

She is very prominent at the front and back cover, which was posted in this thread.

1. Danielle [2] (anal), Claudio Meloni (brief scene)
2. Alexandra Ross, Steve Holmes (very brief)
3. Andrea Dalton (getting peed on, fucking, dildoing, rimming), unknown male 2
4. Melissa Onyx (rimming), Carl Berenson, unknown male 1
5. Danielle [2], Steve Holmes (brief intercut)
6. Alexandra Ross (not sure) (anal), Steve Holmes (brief intercut)
7. Fanny Steel, Andrea Dalton (fisting)

Scene 1, 2, 5, 6 seems to be flashbacks and are maybe from a foursome
scene of another film.

Scene 3 and 4 intercut. And they are additional interrupted from scene 5 and 6.

Female cast:

Alexandra Ross
Fanny Steel
Andrea Dalton
Melissa Onyx

The names "Lisa Heldmann, Ivonne Berger or Jane Easton" in the db seems to
refer on the role names, as Melissa is named Lisa in the film and at the back
cover text, and Andrea is named Ivonne in the film and at the back cover text.

Plot as following:

A women (you can't see her, but she could be Andrea Dalton) talks on the
phone to her friend (Carl). He tells her about his holdays in Mallorca and
that all fucked around like silly especially their girlfriend "Lisa". And he is
afraid that she got knocked up and maybe names him as father of her
baby. While they talk, there are some flashbacks (Scene 1 and 2).
Then Andrea Dalton gets a visit from a friend of her ("Mike" on back cover).
He calls her Ivonne in the scene. She tells him the story of "Lisa" and then
they start with the action.
In the same time Melissa (Lisa) and her friend visit Carl and she tells him
that she is pregnant and that he is the father. He denies and tells her
friend the whole story of Lisas holiday. So they decide, to punish her with a
good fuck.
The scenes of Melissa and Andrea are interrupted with two very short flashbacks.
At the end a single scene with Andrea and Fanny Steel, which isn't really
connected to the rest of the plot.

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