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< Animatrice pour couples déficients

Released: 1980
Director: Gérard Grégory
Notes: Cinévog, 80 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Condominio erotico title stolen for the Italian release from a Franz Marischka film

Males -

  • Gérard Grégory plays Damien
  • Cyril Val
  • Norbert Ciret
  • Hubert Géral as Ubert Géral, plays a flasher
  • Richard Lemieuvre as Richard Allan
  • Guy Royer
  • René Gas
  • Jean-Pierre Armand plays a "légionnaire"
  • Claude Alain
  • Jack Gateau is one of the above

Mélina Lanvin (Barbara Moose) is a sex-therapist who visits couples at their homes. She's followed by a journalist (Gérard Grégory) who's writing an article about her. One day, Mélina gets raped by two "légionnaires". From then on, she'll spend her lifetime in Damien's protecting arms.

From a review originally published in La Saison Cinematographique 1981, translated by Prophilo.

This was released on video in Italy using the title Condominio erotico, stolen from an earlier release of a Franz Marischka film from which some credits - Gisela Krauss, Daniela Sander - were also stolen.

Mélina makes home visits and her first couple are Marilyn Jess and Cyril Val. Then she is visited by a flasher whom she takes on a visit to Mandarine and her female lover (Linda Dull). He gives the practical demonstration this time.

Next to be visited are Nicole Segaud and Richard Lemieuvre, followed by Guy Royer and his two girlfriens (one being Nadine Roussial). It is difficult to see why he needs a sex therapist. then a moustachioed male and his wife are visited. Mélina watches them have sex on the kitchen floor. Marilyn Jess makes a second appearance in a black wig. She is having problems with husband Jack Gateau - to do with the tassles they both have stuck to their nipples, but don't ask me to explain.

Then a couple (Norbert Ciret and Gillian Gill?) want Mélina to initiate their daughter (Elodie Delage). This she does with a strap-on.

Finally we see two legionnaires (one has a ridiculous false beard) lure her into their clutches and Jean-Pierre Armand does the dishonours.


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