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< Les Besoins de la Chair

Released: 1984
Director: Olivier Mathot as Olivier Mato
Alternate Titles
  • Blue Obsession title stolen for the Italian video release
  • Gaily Dir. given as Pierre B. Reinhard Videorama, Gold Medal

Blue Obsession was the stolen title used in Italian release of this French film of the early 80s. It supposedly stars Constance Money and Susan McBain, directed by Martin & Martin. Some of the actual cast matches Sodomanie (1983) but there is little if any sodomy involved.

Males -

  • Jacky Arnal plays Marc
  • Christophe Clark, as Christophe Jackson, plays Louis
  • Jean-Pierre Armand plays Pierre
  • unidentifed male plays Jacques

Dominique Saint-Claire appears to be married to Jacky Arnal. After making love she goes for a walk and meets Christophe in the woods repairing his bike. He gives her a lift on his handlebars back to a large house, where previously we had seen an unidentifed brunette (XNK0562) giving head to the unidentified young man in a laundry room. Dominique and Christophe have sex in the garage and then go inside, where a blonde (XNK0362) is cavorting in front of Marie-Christine Chireix, XNK0562, Jean-Pierre Armand and an unidentified younger male. The assembled cast have sex in various rooms of the house in various combinations, though Marie-Christine joins in only near the end. Meanwhile Jacky Arnal is wondering where his wife is and goes to look for her. by this time she has left the orgy. He finds her walking home, drives her back, and they have sex again.

Information from La Revue du Cinéma, March 1984, translated by Prophilo follows -

A woman, whose husband is more interested in crosswords than in her, meets a cyclist, then a married couple and ends up in an orgy. She eventually comes home.

The French title, Les Besoins de la Chair and some cast credit details also came from this source.


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