This site is not a model agency and this is not a directory of current models. EGAFD is intended as a resource of historical as well as current reference.

The Question of Completeness and Other Databases

This database is, and always will be, far from complete. It should be seen as complementary to iafd and imdb.

The huge number of European porn films which have appeared since, say, 1970 and the huge number of models/actresses who have appeared in them makes completeness an impossible dream. Therefore a certain bias is present in the database.

First there is a concentration on the preference of the compiler which is for 'films' rather than 'gonzo' or any other form of plotless porn.

Second there is a bias towards French films reflecting the state of the compiler's knowledge rather than an absolute preference.

Third, a strategy has been adopted to cut down the work. Appearances by actresses which are already listed on iafd in general have not been included. This in practice means American films and Private releases. There are a few exceptions to this, usually where it is useful to list an alternative title in another language; when a European film, by some quirk, is listed on iafd; or when an actress has made a very limited number of appearances in American-made films and it was easy to include them, e.g. a few films of Marilyn Jess.

However, there will be a large overlap with films listed on imdb, though they will list many films which we do not. In general we have included titles already listed on imdb where we have something to add to their information, even if it is only confirmation from having watched the film or seen information on it elsewhere. That said, we have filled many of their gaps and corrected some of their errors, though this is not a criticism of what is an indispensable resource.

There will also be many errors and duplication of actress' pages. This is because one of the major sources of information has been the websites of suppliers of videos and DVDs. These sites rely on on-screen and on-cover credits. Apart from the occasional typographical error and incompleteness of cast listing, these are all-too-frequently incorrect or name people who do not appear and, more often, may use aliases which have not yet been identified. It is the latter which may cause a girl to appear more than once in the database.

The Definition of an Adult Film

"Adult films" means hardcore films, but we have also included many softcore films and actresses who never did hardcore. This is because the distinction between hardcore and softcore films was very blurred in the 70s and early 80s as a result of several factors:

  • Many films were made in two or more versions, even the soft versions could be cut in some countries.
  • A few softcore actresses went on to do hardcore work (e.g. Karin Schubert) and a few hardcore actresses appeared in softcore films (and even straight films) - and not only after they had given up hardcore work.
  • Some softcore actresses, notably Laura Gemser and Dirce Funari, gave softcore performances in hardcore films.
  • Actresses may actually have had sex on film, without it being shown on camera with body doubles and/or clips from archive footage being used for hardcore close-ups. An example was Marie Forså in Butterflies according to Eric Edwards, her co-star and off-screen partner at the time.
  • In addition some actresses may have used a Clintonesque definition of hardcore, performing oral sex but not vaginal (and in the case of Heather Deeley in Diversions, vaginal but not oral).
  • Some softcore films were later re-edited to include hardcore sequences.
  • And finally, in more than a few cases it is uncertain whether hardcore versions of films exist.

It is therefore useful to include the relevant non-hardcore actresses and non-hardcore films to aid identification of other actresses by elimination, though, bearing in mind the point made in the previous paragraph, we have tried not to include softcore films featuring only softcore actresses unless they might be useful to put names to faces. In addition, the cast lists of some softcore films are not necessarily complete.


Much information has been gleaned from the many websites of retailers, both modern and specialists in vintage films. Many of these are in the links section. Since these often give information from on-screen credits and boxcovers, many errors will result. Attempts have been made to cross check, e.g. against the sites of collectors like Sweet Cozy Video and more recently information has been added from sites such as B CULT, but corrections from those who have seen the films concerned are very welcome.

Help on some identifications of Italian (and some French) actresses has been given by Rocco D'Amato, but the huge gaps (and errors) in this database on Italian porn from before 1990 can be filled (and no doubt many errors corrected) by referring to his book, Dizionhard, which we have not yet seen. A review for those who can read Italian can be found at Deltadivenere. The book can be bought from the author himself by e-him at roccodamato@email.it and the price of the book is 39 euro plus postage.

Immoral Tales by Cahal Tohill and Pete Tombs, Primitive Press, 1994, is a mine of information on several directors, such as Franco, Rollin and Bénazéraf, who straddled the horror-softcore-hardcore boundary in the 70s and 80s.

The Colonel has helped with lists of his film collection, especially his favourites, Deborah Wells and Luana Borgia, and by passing on information from others, e.g. a Sylvia Saint filmography from Met G. Walter Burns has been very helpful, identifying actresses and pointing us towards the very informative reviews of Kafka on rame.net, while the continuing correspondence with Tony Simonelli of Xploited Cinema about classic French porn films has also been invaluable. We also extend our thanks to the following who have all contributed significantly to the information on the site: Texxx, Skin Flick, Prophilo, Stefan Kahrs, Hitman, Tony Claes, x_axis47, Demster, Herschi, Nebraska, jj and Joe King. Our thanks and apologies to anyone we might have missed.

Finally, please note that none of those whose help has been acknowledged here are responsible for any errors in the database.

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