< Agent 69 Jensen i Skorpionens Tegn

Released: 1977
Director: Werner Hedmann
Notes: 1 hr 26 mins
Alternate Titles
  • A Nous les belles Danoises title of first release in France
  • Agente 00 Tette - Missione Sexfinger Italy
  • Emanuelle in Denmark
  • Les Filles du scorpion France, re-issue title, 1 hr 14 mins
  • I Skorpionens Tecken Scanbox DVD cover title
  • I Skorpionens Tegn
  • De Schorpioen prikt raak Netherlands, Concorde Video
  • Anna Bergman plays Penny the Swedish agent (body doubled for h/c by Anne Bie Warburg)
  • Anne Bie Warburg cameo, plays wife of jealous husband, non-sex in this role
  • Anne Magle uncredited, plays Lizzie, Scorpio's spy
  • Else Petersen plays Bertha, Irma's sidekick, non-sex
  • Gina Janssen plays Matty Hari
  • Helmi Rubi uncredited, plays the jealous woman, non-sex
  • Judy Gringer plays Irma 'la Douche' Andersen, non-sex
  • Kate Mundt uncredited, plays the train attendant, non-sex
  • XNK0266 plays an assistant of Scorpio, non-sex, nude only
  • XNK6497 plays young Irma
  • XNK6498 plays the girl with young Scorpio, non-sex, nude only
  • XNK6499 plays an assistant of Scorpio, non-sex, nude only
  • XNK6500 plays an assistant of Scorpio, non-sex, nude only
  • XNK6501 plays an assistant of Scorpio, non-sex, nude only
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Ole Søltoft plays Agent 69 Jensen (body doubled for h/c)
  • Poul Bundgaard, as Poul Bundgård, plays The Chief, non-sex
  • Karl Stegger plays Skorpio, non-sex
  • Søren Strømberg plays Arnold Andersen, Irma's son, non-sex
  • Bent Warburg plays Citron-Børge, Scorpio's Spy
  • André Chazel plays the OPEC chairman
  • Doug Crutchfield plays Skorpio's security man, non-sex
  • Birger Jensen plays the customer in the health food shop, non-sex
  • Bent Rohweder plays Hubert W. Horsepower the American agent
  • Torben Bille plays Billy, Scoprio's security man, non-sex
  • Arthur Jensen, uncredited, plays the train attendant, non-sex
  • Hans Jørgen Jacobsen, uncredited, plays the jealous husband, non-sex
  • Adam Schmedes, uncredited, plays Skorpio's bodyguard, non-sex
  • Gunnar Lemvigh, uncrdited, plays the mayor, non-sex
  • Ib Mossin, uncredited, plays plays the homophobic farmer, non-sex
  • William Kisum, uncredited, plays mayor's assistant, non-sex

Neubau, a German scientist living in Denmark, has invented the formula for a fuel to replace petroleum. Scorpio, head of a SPECTRE-like organisation with members sporting grotesque moustaches, decides to capture the formula and sell it to OPEC. It's now Danish Intelligence Service's duty to protect this precious secret of the Free World and they co-operate with their Swedish counterparts.

Lots of slapstick comedy and nudity (thanks to plenty of extras), little of eroticism (despite major bombshells Gina Janssen and Anne Magle) or "intelligence".

Hardcore scenes:

  • XNK6497 & unknown male
  • Anne Magle & Ole Søltoft (body doubled)
  • Anna Bergman (body doubled) & Bent Warburg
  • Gina Janssen & Bent Rohweder
  • Anne Magle & André Chazel
  • Anne Magle (bj only) & André Chazel

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