< Agent 69 Jensen i Skyttens Tegn

Released: 1978
Director: Werner Hedmann
Notes: Denmark, Happy ilm, 91 mins., FScanbox DVD 88 mins
Alternate Titles
  • Agent 69
  • Agent 69 Jensen in the Sign of Sagittarius
  • Agente 69 Jensen contra Sagitario Spain
  • Chaleurs Scandinaves 1978 title of first release in France
  • Les Dames volages de Copenhague France, re-issue title, 73 mins
  • I Skyttens Tecken Scanbox DVD cover title
  • I skyttens tegn
  • More Danish Blue
  • Squadra supersexy sotto il segno del sagittario Italy
  • Anita Berglund uncredited, in gym scene, b/g
  • Anna Bergman plays Penny, soft b/g with body-doubled close-ups
  • Chris [5] b/g, the shop assistant who has sex with André Chazel in a changing cubicle
  • Else Petersen non-sex, plays a customer in the travel agency
  • Gina Janssen plays Matty Hari, b/g
  • Jannie Nielson uncredited, plays an air hostess, g/g and b/g/g
  • Jeanne Darville non-sex, plays Fru Schmierkäse
  • Kate Mundt as Kathe Mundt, non-sex, plays Miss Munk
  • Kirsten Norholt plays Miss Petersen, non-sex, very short tunic but non-nude
  • Lee Fong Wong plays Madame KomPhur the Chinese agent, h/c g/g and soft b/g/g
  • Magi Stocking uncredited, short-haired platinum-dyed girl at health institute, soft g/g and b/g/g
  • Marianne [8] uncredited, in gym scene, nude only
  • XNK0266 plays a model, nude only
  • XNK8089 nude only, 'target' for archer in Tangiers club (and spy)
  • XNK8090 nude only, belly dancer in Tangiers club
  • XNK8091 ballerina in Moscow scene, b/g/g with Russian agent (longer scene in French release)
  • XNK8092 ballerina in Moscow scene, b/g/g with Russian agent (longer scene in French release)
  • XNK8093 mannequin in shop office, non-sex, topless only
  • XNK8094 Albanian's right-hand girl, non-sex, brief bottomless upskirt flash
  • XNK8095 Albanian's left-hand girl, non-sex, brief bottomless upskirt flash
  • XNK8096 shop assistant, non-sex, non-nude
  • XNK8097 shop assistant, non-sex, non-nude
  • XNK8098 shop assistant, non-sex, non-nude
  • XNK8099 keen student in Dr. Schmierkäse's lecture, non-sex, non-nude
  • XNK8100 announcer at the fashion show, non-sex, non-nude, probably Kate Mundt in a wig
  • XNK8101 model at the fashion show, non-sex
  • XNK8102 model at the fashion show, non-sex
  • XNK8103 model at the fashion show, non-sex
  • XNK8104 Susie (?), the hostage, non-sex, non-nude, could well be Gina Janssen in a wig
  • XNK8105 health institute, soft g/g/ and soft b/g/g
  • XNK8106 gym, b/g
  • XNK8107 gym, nude only
  • XNK8108 gym, non-sex, non-nude
  • XNK8109 health institute, nude only
  • XNK8110 health institute, nude only
Notes and Reviews

The French release is a different edit, not only being significantly shorter, but with a greater emphasis on hardcore scenes, some of which are longer, with some non-sex scenes shortened or omitted.

Credited males -

  • Ole Søltoft plays Agent 69 Jensen
  • Søren Strømberg plays Arnold
  • Paul Hagen plays Dr. Schmierkäse
  • Karl Stegger plays Hans Hivert
  • Benny Hansen plays Kraputski
  • Arthur Jensen plays Kriminalassistent (Detective) Mortensen
  • André Chazel plays K. B. Andersen (actually does real hardcore here)
  • Ricky Bruch plays the Albanian
  • Torben Bille plays Krassnikoff (the dwarf)

Uncredited males -

  • Poul Bundgaard plays The Boss
  • Povl Møller Taasinge plays Rejsebureauchef (boss of the travel agency)
  • Georg Philipp plays a customer in the travel agency
  • Valsø Holm plays a customer in the travel agency
  • Gotha Andersen plays the drunk at customs
  • William Kisum plays the customs officer
  • Poul Glargaard plays Falckmand (an ambulance man / paramedic?)
  • Bent Rohweder plays Stanley
  • Ib Mossin plays Reperatør (repairman at the gym?)

Images of more than several of the females who appeared in various degrees of undress in several settings in this film - club in Tangiers, dress shop, catwalk, health institute including its gym - could not be captured because their appearances were either too fleeting or too distant. This is not to mention the many extras in the aircraft, airport and lecture theatre scenes.

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