< Attenti a quelle due... ninfomani

Released: 1981
Director: Mario Siciliano as Lee Castle
Alternate Titles
  • Attenti a quelle due ninfomani video title
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Alfonso Gaita plays Massimo, the count
  • Giuseppe Curia plays Quinto, the count's secretary
  • Erminio Bianchi Fasani, as Erminio Bianchi, plays Gianluca, the choreographer
  • Giuseppe Cardone, uncredited, plays Giuseppe, Rosina's father

Count Massimo, who is always broke, helped by his secretary, Quinto, tries to open a nightclub. Nymphomaniac dancers Yvette and Yvonne, choreographed by Gianluca, are intended to be the main attraction. The venture fails, but a billionaire, Laura, proposes marriage to the count, attracted by his title. Massimo is saved from marriage and financial ruin by an unexpected inheritance from a rich American uncle. However, a condition of the will is that he looks after two young, female and sexy American cousins.

Film information updated with help from Franco Grattarola & Andrea Napoli, Luce Rossa. La nascita e le prime fasi del cinema pornografico italiano, Roma: Ed. Iacobelli, 2014, p. 267, from which the synopsis of the story is adapted.

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