< Au caprice des dames

Released: 1982
Director: Michel Barny
Notes: Video Marc Dorcel, 58 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Busy Butler Blue Climax, probably the same film
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Jacky Arnal as Jacques Nicaud
  • Jean-Pierre Armand

Nicole Segaud is at breakfast with husband Jacky Arnal. Breakfast is served by butler Jean-Pierre Armand. He peeps on them while they have sex before Jacky goes to work. Then Nicole bathes and dresses and gets Jean-Pierre to do up her bra. Passions inflamed, he assaults her. Jacky comes back and sees them at it but does not let on. Later it appears that Jacky and Nicole have an arguement in which she demands that the butler leaves. But Jacky tells Jean-Pierre to stop packing and it is Nicole who leaves.

Later Jacky brings Cathy Ménard round to the house and they watch Une Femme Honnête on the TV and get down to sex. Elisabeth Buré, Gabriel Pontello and Carole Pierac can be seen on the TV screen in the background. When they are finished, Jacky gets the butler to take over where he has left off.

Next Jacky invites Macha to come round. She bathes and the butler dries her off and then has sex with her. Jacky then joins in to make it a threesome.

The film ends with Nicole back home and taking on her husband and the butler at the same time.

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