< Au delà du miroir

Released: 1993
Director: Michael d'Angelo
Notes: Piranya Films. DVD Video Marc Dorcel.
Alternate Titles
  • Beyond the Mirror possibly the original title
  • Ariana Bali as Nitteta, 'from Hungary' in end credits
  • Barbara Doll 'from France' in end credits
  • Cindy Carrera as Cindy Power, 'from Germany' in end credits
  • Julia Chanel as Giulia Channel, 'from France' in end credits
  • Ulla Weigert as Jennet 'from Poland' in end credits
  • XNK7122 plays a domina; as Jill, Irene, Josephine or Babette
  • XNK7123 plays a domina; as Jill, Irene, Josephine or Babette
Notes and Reviews

Other d'Angelo films of the period had English titles. Therefore it may be that Beyond the Mirror is the original title. Au delà du miroir is evidently not the original title as it appears in the title sequence as white text against a purple rectangle which covers the original title. The rest of the text in the title sequence appears in crimson and in a different font against the normal background.

Males -

  • Backey Jakic (from ex Yugoslavia in end credits)
  • Peter Ryan (from Germany in end credits)
  • Dylan (from ex Yugoslavia in end credits)
  • Mario von Bellden (end credits only, from Germany)
  • Werner plays a slave
  • Stefan plays a slave

There are four female dominas: Jill, Irene, Josephine and Babette. One is masked and the face of another is never seen. The other two are XNK7122 and XNK7123.

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