< L'Amour c'est son metier

Released: 1980s
Notes: Punch video release containing four loops featuring Brigitte Lahaie, Blue One DVD (1 hr. 11 mins.) with Ondées brûlantes and Cathy, fille soumise
Alternate Titles
  • L'Amour c'est mon métier title on Blue One DVD
Notes and Reviews

See here.

The version on the Blue One DVD has French sound, though the German origin is acknowledged. It seems that the original Punch video compilation had three loops: Blue Magic (titled L'Amour c'est son métier on the Punch video), Négligé und Spitzenhöschen and Porno Roulette. The Blue One DVD has three loops plus an excerpt. It uses the title Blue Magic. This is followed by Porno Roulette. Then comes an excerpt from the loop called Arsene Lupin and finally Négligé und Spitzenhöschen which is retitled Frous-Frous.

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