< Angelica innocenza perversa

Released: 1996
Director: Magdalena Lynn as Nicky Ranieri
Alternate Titles
  • Angelica
  • Angelica - Allein unter Freibeutern DVD Goldlight
  • Angelica Sexy Negro & Azul
  • Angélique
  • Angelique the Perverted Innocent
  • Innocenza perversa
  • Lady Laszivia - ohne jeden Tabus black Rose
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Don Fernando
  • Philippe Dean as Philippe Libertin or J. Philippe Croix
  • David Perry as Philippe Libertin or J. Philippe Croix
  • Jean Yves LeCastel as Joe Calzone
  • Valentino as?
  • Ron Jeremy
  • Mauro Santaluca, non-sex
  • Kalman, as Njiri Kalman, non-sex
  • Julian St. Jox uncredited or possibly as J. Philippe Croix, non-sex
  • Ezio Borromei, non-sex
  • Franco Tavassi, non-sex
  • Angelo Izzo, non-sex
  • Mauro Conti, non-sex

Jolth Walton is credited but does not appear.

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