< Adolescenza

Released: 1995
Director: Joe d'Amato
Alternate Titles
  • All Grown Up Tip Top DVD title
  • La Cousine DVD Video Marc Dorcel
  • Diario sexual di un adolescente
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Francesco Malcom plays Nino
  • Valentino plays Concetto, the uncle
  • Silvio Evangelista, uncredited, plays the farmhand
  • Hakan Serbes as Hakan Joel plays Cettina's husband
  • one unidentified male, non-sex apart from groping Monica Orsini under the table

The cousin (Monica Orsini) of adolescent Francesco Malcom comes to stay and seems to seduce virtually everyone - in his tormented dreams - but she makes a man of him in reality.

An excellent movie which shares location, some cast, and style of make-up, costumes, etc., with Don Salvatore - l'ultimo Siciliano.

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