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Released: 1993
Director: Lindsay Honey as Steve Perry
Notes: Private, also stars Louise Lane (bgafd) who plays 'Susie from Bermuda'
  • Debbie van Gils plays 'Anouska from the Netherlands' (also later addressed as Deborah)
  • Jeanette Lange as Jeanette, plays Miss Smith
  • Tabatha Cash plays Miss LeCoq, the new French mistress who has misunderstood the job advert
  • Vanessa d'Angely as Monique (as Vanessa d'Angely in DVD extras), plays 'Heidi from Strasbourg'
  • Zusana Pavlow as Suzzanah, plays 'Mimi from Czechoslovakia'
  • Frank Thring plays the headmaster, non-sex
  • Steve Vincent as John van Dam, plays the gym teacher
Notes and Reviews

Plus -

  • Touri Borissenko plays the man found looking at porn mag by Suzzanah in pre-credit scene
  • Tomas plays the blond-haired man in final orgy
  • Unidentified male appears in final orgy

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