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Released: 1982
Director: Michel Ricaud
Notes: France, Laura Video, 1 hr 2 mins
Alternate Titles
  • Anal Service Color Climax Video 602, c. 58 mins
  • The French Touch 1984 US release, Now Showing, 1 hr. 2 mins.
Notes and Reviews

The French Touch is a US release by Now-Showing of a French film. The film comes to an abrupt end. The on-screen credits of the Canadian release (1984) of the original French version are: Marie Dentor, Ghislaine Auplat, Nathalie Grosbert, Cassis Poivre, Christophe L'Ayd. The on-screen credits of the American release are taken from another film (Le Yacht de l'amour) - Monique Guru, Christian Chavert, Eva Kleber, Maxim Malakite, Christian Lewis, Pascal Dottin (?). These credits are incorrect.

In the French onscreen credits we can read: Director of photography George Coulombre, produced and directed by Michel Ricaud. The cast includes Marie Dentor (as the “maman autoritaire”), Christophe L’Ayde (as her “fils refoulé”), Cassis Poivre (as her “belle fille sadique”), Ghislaine Auplat (as the first “femme adultère”), Nathalie Grobert (as the second “femme adultère”), Arlette Alinge (as the third “femme nympho”) and Christian Loussert (as her “mari pédéraste”).

Males –

  • Christian Loussert, plays Georges, the bisexual husband
  • Christophe L’Ayde, plays Marc

A mature blonde (Marie Dentord) is peeped on by her son (Marc) while she washes her pussy. She spots him and berates him and sends him off to work. There he is seduced by a girl, Sylvie (Cassis Poivre). They wear uniforms and it looks as if they work in a garage. Sylvie sexually teases Marc, who seems to be still a virgin.

After a b/g scene in her room (including anal) he takes her to meet his mother who seduces her and asks her to stay with them. Both women think very poorly of Marc.

Later on, Marc finds out that the garage he works in will soon go out of business and while sitting in despair on a park bench he is picked up by a blonde, Brigitte (Nathalie Grobert). She is impressed by his performance and suggests that he becomes a male prostitute.

His first client is Karen (Ghislaine Auplat), a mousey brunette (anal). His second client is Helene (Arlette Alinge)who asks if her husband Georges (Christian Loussert) can watch and eventually join in for a bi-threesome, in which the young man fucks both wife (anal) and husband. Left alone, Marc and Georges get drunk and the bisexual husband suggests they visit Marc’s home and have some fun with the women. Georges first attacks Marc’s mother, but then turns his attention to his girlfriend, while the son finally satisfies his incestuous feelings towards his mother. This foursome begins initially as a rape (although the mother ends up succumbing to the forbidden passion), but despite the evident fucking no penetration is seen before the film abruptly ends.

Thanks to Skatschko for adding to and correcting this review.

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