< Anita - Die Unersättliche

Released: 1989
Director: given as Moli, but actually Alain Payet
Notes: West-Germany / France, MTC GmbH (Essen), Magma 88083
Alternate Titles
  • Anita 01
  • Bourgeoise le jour, pute la nuit Dir. credited to Alain Payet as John Love France, released by René Chateau in his Melody Kiss series
  • Aude as Sandra, plays Lorraine
  • Cheryl as Cendrine, Josephine or Vivette, plays Francoise or Maud
  • Laura Valérie as Muriel, plays Jane
  • Melody Kiss as Anita, plays Anita
  • XNK1020 as Cendrine, Josephine or Vivette, plays the daughter, Marianne
  • XNK1022 as Cendrine, Josephine or Vivette, plays the kitchen maid
Notes and Reviews

Credits (in listed order): Anita, Cendrine, Sandra, Muriel, Josephine, Vivette, Richard, Frank, J P Armand.

Female Cast -

  • Melody Kiss plays Anita (given name in the overdub video soundtrack)
  • Laura Valerie plays Jane (given name in the overdub video soundtrack)
  • XNK1020 plays Marianne (natural sound name in the video soundtrack)
  • XNK1022 plays the Kitchen Maid (an extraordinarily plain looking girl)
  • Aude plays Lorraine (given name in the overdub video soundtrack)
  • Cheryl plays Francoise (given name in the video overdub soundtrack) or Maud (natural sound name in the video soundtrack)

Males -

  • Jean Pierre Armand, as J. P. Armand, plays John Paul (given name in the video soundtrack)
  • Richard Lengin, as Richard, plays 1st customer (the sailor)
  • Unknown pretends to be a baby. Role playing as a baby - non-sex role.
  • Jean-Paul Bride - plays the blackmailer - non-sex role
  • Frank Mazard, as Frank, appears in two scenes as a customer of the Private Club
  • Desir Bastareaud plays a customer at the Private Club
  • Etienne Jaumillot plays Charles (given name in the video soundtrack), Anita's husband - non-sex role.

Anita is the wife of a wealthy government official. This means that he is away from home for extended periods. Anita gets bored on her own; she notices an advert for a Private Club which she decides to visit. [There is a suggestion later in the video that she used to be in this kind of work before her marriage]. At the Private Club she discovers that the clientel are mostly sailors, businessmen and politicians. The conversation is with the club owner, Jane, with whom she also discusses the financial side.

While Anita is preparing for her first customer Jane goes into the Kitchen and discovers her husband John Paul receiving a blow job from the Kitchen Maid. Words are exchanged and Jane leaves; the blow job resumes.

Anita's first customer arrives. It is Richard who is a sailor. Afterwards as he is leaving he is confronted by Jane's daughter who flashes her tits at him. Jane arrives and sends her into the adjoining room where they discuss why she should not do that. After the discussion the daughter goes into the kitchen to find John Paul still with the maid. She tells him about being told off for flashing her tits and leaves.

At the end of each day Jane pays Anita her money. Anita then returns home and later at 10pm she receives her daily telephone call from her husband.

9am the following morning at the Private Club another of the girls, Lorraine, visits the bathroom to take a shower. As usual the shower turns her on and she starts to masturbate, firstly in the shower and then on the floor. After a short while Jane also visits the bathroom and finds her there. Standing over the top of Lorraine she pisses over her and, towards the end, Lorraine reciprocates. The two girls go off to one of the bedrooms to continue during which Jane fists Lorraine.

Anita's next customer is an elderly gentleman who proceeds to change into baby clothes; including a bonnet, a rattle, a bottle and he also subsequently suckles Anita.

The daily routine continues and we are given a montage of the happenings over several days.

One evening Anita's husband is unable to get through on the telephone as she has received a call from somebody else. It is a friend of her husband who has discovered her 'new hobby' and plans to blackmail her. He will visit her at the Private Club the next day.

Anita continues with her 'hobby' the next day and her next customer is a dwarf black man. Just as he gets naked Jane arrives to 'borrow Anita for two minutes'. The two girls leave the room. In the reception area Anita meets the blackmailer. Meanwhile Anita's customer is getting impatient. Lorraine is passing by so takes over where Anita left off.

Anita has taken the blackmailer to her home rather than discuss things at the Private Club. The blackmailer 'helps her' out of her clothing and passes her a vibrator. She uses it, he watches.

Back at the Club John Paul and the Maid are now in one of the bedrooms. Later John Paul and Jane have a discussion about his playing around with other women at the club. His defence; what else should he do all day in a Private Club. After she has gone Jane's daughter arrives, takes off her T-Shirt and is naked. What follows is not incest as the 'audio track' quickly explains that she is Jane's daughter by her first marriage, not by John Paul.

Meanwhile Anita has quit the Private Club ... but can't get the blackmailer out of her mind. Eventually she rings him and 10 minutes later he's there. After a short discussion he demands that her housemaid also be present. She calls 'Maud' but the audio track names the girl as 'Francoise'. After some reluctance Maud/Francoise starts to undress and she and Anita kiss. Then the blackmailer springs his surprise, he beckons in two men from the Private Club that he had secreted outside (John Paul and another Unknown Customer). They set to with Maud/Francoise and Anita watches and plays with herself. Afterwards as they all leave the blackmailer leaves a letter for Anita in which he promises to leave her alone, that he's leaving town for good and that he wishes her well for the future.

Later she speaks with Jane on the telephone and agrees to return to the Private Club and recommence her 'hobby'.

Meanwhile at the club Lorraine has two customers (one is John Paul and the other is the unknown man from the previous scene). After a while Jane arrives and joins in including Jane fisting Lorraine and also a shallow double fist with the anal fist by Lorraine herself.

The closing scene is Anita arriving home from the Private Club to find that her husband Charles has returned. He would like to spend some time with her but unfortunately tonight she has a migraine.

The video includes blow jobs, boy/girl, girl/girl, anal, dp, gs, role play, fist, double fist.


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