< Adolescentes voyeuses violées et sodomisées

Released: 1986
Director: Pierre Unia as Reine Pirau and Thanassis Kaspiris for the Greek archive footage
Notes: includes a scene from an earlier Unia movie and three scenes from two earlier Greek movies, I Vlachi epimenoun ellinika & Vromiki Parea
Alternate Titles
  • L'Épouse bafouée
  • Salopes enchaînées, petits trous défoncés re-release title
Notes and Reviews

This is not a Greek movie. It is a Reine Pirau (Pierre Unia) flick padded out with 3 scenes taken from 2 former Greek features & one from another Pirau movie.

Males -

  • Ghislain Garet
  • Eric Saville (Eric Dray) plays Roxy's husband
  • Frank Mazard? (archive footage)
  • Jacky Arnal
  • Bruno (archive footage)

Roxy reluctantly dreams of taking part in an orgy. Yasmina has a car breakdown in the countryside and is picked up by Garet who drives her to the building site where he works as a foreman (in fact the grounds of a villa).

In the garden Yasmina is seduced by the maid who brings her a beer. Then the maid gets it on with the gardener. Aroused by the scene Garet jumps off his digger and chases after Yasmina who falls into a hole. They have sex against a statue in the park. From the villa Roxy watches the proceedings through her binoculars.

Martine (Amanda Shell) phones Roxy & tells her about what happened to her two sisters.

1st Greek archive footage scene: 2 women & a Kojak-looking fisherman (taken from Vromiki Parea aka Plaisirs des fesses, le goûter des pêcheresses).

On her bed Roxy fantasizes:

2nd Greek archive footage scene: a small fishing harbor. A girl goes out to get cigarettes. A couple are having sex. A painter looks through the window. (Also taken from Vromiki Parea aka Plaisirs des fesses, le goûter des pêcheresses).

Saville (who is Roxy's husband) pays a visit to Martine. She then phones Roxy to invite her to an orgy. Roxy turns down the offer. She picks up a book. Her reading takes her into a new fantasy scene:

3rd Greek archive footage scene: in a meadow a shepherd & a shepherdess amongst the sheep. (Taken from I Vlachi epimenoun ellinika aka Pour la première fois mieux vaut faire ça par derrière).

Roxy finally agrees to go to the orgy. She is met by Saville, Garet and Martine.

Archive footage scene taken from Violées partout, elles crient encore (a Reine Pirau movie): on a sofa Martine is taken by Saville & Mazard(?). Around her Arnal, Chantal Trobert & Bruno.

Last scene: in a bedroom Garet, Saville, Martine, Roxy enjoy sex.

Information from Skin Flick.

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