< Affari di sorelle

Released: 2004
Director: Michael Bernini
Notes: M.G.R. Communications
Alternate Titles
  • Bitches of the Caribbean Colmax English title
  • Les BronzĂ©es en chaleur Colmax
  • Versaute Ferien Tabu
Notes and Reviews


  • Paolo (aka Lauro) Giotto plays Marco, Luisa's boyfriend
  • Thomas Croisen (T Stone) plays Fabrizio, Lara's boyfriend
  • Nick Lang plays Donald, Jennifer's boyfriend


  1. Luisa (Gilda) is vacationing alone on a Caribbean island, recovering emotionally from the recent accidental death of her husband Emilio. Stud Marco (Giotto), who is there vacationing with his girlfriend Diana (Tera), makes a move on Luisa. Luisa is flattered by his coy courting and she agrees to continue seeing him. Marco and the spurned Diana have a final sex session on the deck of his yacht (he jerks off in her open mouth).
  2. Back home at their opulent villa, Luisa's sister Lara (Ursula) is being wooed by co-worker Fabrizio (Stone), who would really like to marry her (which she resists). They have sex on a couch (anal, she jerks him off in her open mouth).
  3. Marco and Luisa are having a nice time, strolling down the beach in a secluded area. They begin to have sex, but they are observed some distance away by a young couple (Lang, Gloria) hiding behind some vegetation. The latter decide to get closer to the other couple and soon it becomes a 4-some (each girl takes a facial from their respective partners).
  4. After living together for about three months, Luisa tells her sister that she is very fond of Marco and plans to marry him. Lara is not too happy about the prospect. Pretty Stefania (Cristina) shows up at the house to see Fabrizio's mother, and finding her not at home, has a quick fling with Fabrizio on a couch (anal, A2M, she jerks him off in her open mouth).
  5. Night-time, a bedroom. Marco and Luisa have sex, overheard by Lara in the next room (anal, he jerks off in her open mouth).
  6. In a sauna, Lara and Fabrizio have sex. They are seen by Marco through the door window, and he joins them for a threesome (Marco anals her, Fabrizio joins in for the DP, each guy jerks off in her open mouth in quick succession).

General comments/observations:

The version in question is the original Italian one released by Top Line, even though all the cast members are dubbed; the onscreen title, for some reason, is written "Affari" di sorelle. The fairly flimsy plot does not get in the way of some great sex scenes, which are well-lit, with good photography (by Alex Martini) and rich skin-tones. All the women are quite attractive and very enthusiastic. The sex on display is quite varied, and the money-shots are very well executed, a real plus. There is no traditional obligatory lesbian scene and no 'coercive' sex. It is really Lara who tries in so many ways to flirt and eventually snare Marco into screwing her, rather than Marco being the lecherous one trying to get in both sisters' pants. Lara is quite happy at the end of the movie seeing Marco and Luisa going off together, with she and Fabrizio contemplating more sex in the sauna. This is way above the average euro plot-driven porn, well worth watching and perhaps even owning for repeat viewing.


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