< To Akroyali tou erota

Released: 1976
Director: Yiorgos Nomikos
Notes: Greece, Gloria films, erotic/porn thriller, 74 mins, Greek VHS and DVD version with hardcore inserts from Eros Video, c. 72. A version 90 minutes long may exist.
Alternate Titles
  • To Akrogiali tou erota alternative transliteration into the Roman alphabet
  • The Beach of Love lieral English translation of title
  • The Beach of Perverted Girls
  • The Beach of Pleasure
  • La Locanda del peccato
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • George (Yiorgos) Stratigakis plays Pavlos
  • Antonis Skopelitis, uncredited, plays Yiorgos
  • Fotis Liappas, uncredited, plays one of the two gangsters
  • Yiorgos Dinalis, uncredited, plays the other gangster

Plot summary -

Sousanna runs a beach bar-motel and is in love with Pavlos, who is constantly absent in Athens on business. She is not tempted by the sexy lingerie he has bought her to make amends and they have a heated argument. He somehow persuades her to have sex on the sandy beach (first sex scene: in missionary, cowgirl and doggie positions).

Meanwhile, two couples (played by Papadimitriou and Liappas, Giannou and Dinalis, the three latter being most certainly not Greek; once again, foreign tourists on vacation in Greece?) arrive at the bay. They are on the run from the police after robbing a jewellery store in Athens and intend to leave the country as soon as possible. The two couples take a swim, and at least one of them has sex (second sex scene: blowjob and missionary). Another couple, Yiorgos and Elli, arrive on a bike at the beach and seek refuge with Sousanna. They have run away from home, trying to escape from Elli’s father, who doesn’t approve of their relationship.

At the same time, the two girlfriends of the gangsters converse on the rocky shore, and proceed to some lesbian sex. (Third sex scene: one can see Katerina Spathi in the fake hard-core inserts.)

Sousanna prepares a room for Yiorgos and Elli to spend the night, reassuring them of her good intentions. Although at the beginning they choose to sleep separately, Elli joins Yiorgos on the couch. At the same time, Sousanna and Pavlos have passionate sex in their room (fourth sex scene: in cowgirl and doggie positions, cumshot included). This scene is intercut with the one of the other couple Yiorgos and Elli also making love (fifth sex scene: blowjob, missionary and cowgirl positions, cumshot included).

Suddenly, we proceed to another scene (completely irrelevant to the plot, and probably originating from another film) featuring a couple spending some erotic (soft-core) moments under the moonlight inside a boat.

Meanwhile, after sex, Sousanna reveals to Pavlos that the reason for her anxiety is that she is pregnant and plans to have an abortion. Pavlos insists that he wants to father their “son”.

Next morning, at the beach, the sexual heat reaches its peak for the two gangster couples. They fool around sexually, but only one couple (Papadimitriou and the blonde body-builder, the second in command of the gang) have sex behind some rocks on the shore (sixth sex scene: doggie position).

Later on, while having breakfast, Sousanna and Pavlos find out from the radio about the robbery of the jewellery store and immediately suspect Yiorgos and Elli of being the culprits. Both couples start a fight, only to discover that the true gangsters are already staying at their beach bar-motel. After a fight, the gang capture the two other couples, holding them hostage. While Papadimitriou makes some sexual advances to Pavlos, the two gangsters (spied on by Giannou) rape Elli. (Seventh sex scene: threesome scene, cowgirl position, cumshot included; this is clearly a fake hard-core insert from another Greek film of the 1980s).

The gang argues about whether they should proceed to kill the hostages, only to finally decide to force Pavlos to help them cross the border. Sousanna, being convinced that Pavlos has betrayed her with Papadimitriou, has some reminiscences of sexy moments spent with him in the past (the first sex scene in the beach, some other moments in a boat). Meanwhile, some caterers find out about the missing couple and inform the police, who have already been summoned by Elli’s father.

Late that night, Yiorgos watches two (it is unclear who) of the gang members having sex on the beach (eighth sex scene: badly lit and clearly a fake hard-core insert), while Pavlos flirts with Papadimitriou, trying to convince her to betray the other partners and share with him the stolen jewels. They kiss passionately. The following day, they finally share some passionate sex, beginning with cuddling in the stormy sea, and then fucking on a rock beside the shore (ninth sex scene: missionary position).

The same night, the whole group continues its journey to reach the border. Under pressure, Pavlos promises that they will be there in two days. But Elli gets injured and Pavlos demands that the gang leaders release the two women (Sousanna & Elli). They reluctantly agree, only to start quarrelling again. Pavlos and Yiorgos take advantage of this quarrel and manage to overpower the two other men, only to be threatened by Papadimitriou, who is herself finally neutralised by Sousanna lying in ambush. Relieved, Yiorgos and Elli throw themselves into each other’s arms and have sex by some reeds (tenth sex scene: in missionary, cowgirl and doggie positions). At the end, Elli’s father forgives Yiorgos and Elli, while Sousanna and Pavlos say goodbye to everybody, taking a final swim.

Some remarks -

In this Eros Video version (released both in VHS and DVD), a part of the original opening credits (including its title!) is lacking and were partly replaced (probably due to some obscure copyright issues, the film being originally produced by the company Gloria Films). This can also explain a somewhat shorter duration than the one mentioned in trustworthy sources (74 mins.), although there is evidence of a 90-minute version. Despite its title, this standard Greek melodramatic film isn’t quite as raunchy as one would expect.

Poorly shot and dubbed, and based on a very common plot, it is mostly renowned for being the last appearance of Tina Spathi in an X-rated film. All the hardcore inserts in the Eros Video version are clearly fake. The more recent ones (1980s) originate from the film To Mikrofono tis Alikis. The older ones (1970s) may come from other European or US films (no faces are shown). But, given the length and the intensity of the scenes between Spathi and Stratigakis, Samiou and Skopelitis and finally Papadimitriou and Stratigakis, it is very likely that a "true" hardcore version (distributed only outside Greece!) does actually exist. Besides, we do know today that George Stratigakis had performed in real hard core scenes shot in Greece (see the German/Greek production 5 Girls heiss wie Lava). So did, especially in the 1980s, both Skopelitis and Papadimitriou. As far as the mythical (at least in Greece) question whether Tina Spathi had actually performed in real hardcore scenes, which she firmly denies, even nowadays, it seems that the contrary should not be excluded. In 1983, a very important film I Angeloi tis diastrofis (actually a kind of "patchwork" film) was released in Greece, including a number of extremely rare Black & White hard core inserts of Alex Diamond's (1974-1975) productions, starring the famous (male) porn actor Harry Brummel (Haralambos Iossifidis), one of which shows him in action with Tina Spathi (although this scene/insert lasts for only about a minute or two!). Needless to say, the appearance in VHS of this film was a shock, though it didn't gain the attention merited, since it was overshadowed by the "boom" of the Greek Porn Production of that time (1983-1986). However, it proved for the first time that even B/W Greek films of the mid '70s did include (real) hard-core inserts for the foreign markets.


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