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Released: 2005
Director: Viv Thomas
Notes and Reviews

Scene 1: Eve Private Investigator: Licence to Thrill.

Mrs Shine suspects her husband of cheating so she goes to visit Private Investigator Eve. Eve reveals to Mrs Shine that he is seeing at least eight women and gives her advice that she should make him jealous and see another woman. Sandra thinks it's a great idea; so she asks Eve to play along. The lovely Sandra is undressed with only her bra, knickers and black stockings on. She asks Eve to remove her clothing too. Eve in her bra and panties approaches Sandra on a settee and they begin to kiss and feel each other. The two ladies begin to touch each other's pussies, with Eve putting her hands into Sandra's panties. Eve goes down on Sandra and later climbs up on her to let Sandra suck on her breast and rub and finger her pussy. Roles are reversed and this time Sandra goes down on Eve, fingering her in the process. More kissing then follows with a bit more foreplay.

Scene 2: Eve Slumber Party: Restless Night.

Eve has invited her friend Jamie to stay over at her place and sleep over. Jamie is in the bathroom getting ready while Eve watches her. Both women are dressed in white tops and knickers. Eve takes Jamie over to her bedroom as both lay on the bed. Jamie falls asleep and Eve decides to take advantage feeling Jamie up. Jamie is much obliged and both girls start kissing. Eve sucks on Jamie's breasts and soon has Jamie licking her out. At this point both girls are naked. The girls interlock their pussies between their legs and begin to rub against each other. This is known as tribbing. Jamie is turned over with her bum facing Eve. Eve then licks her pussy out. Jamie decides it's Eve's turn to take some more tongue action so licks out Eve again and also fingers her on the bed, kissing follows to end this scene.

Scene 3: Silvia Pays a Visit.

Eve invites another friend, Silvia, to come around and give her advice on how to pleasure a woman. Both Eve and Silvia are seated on a settee as they begin kissing. Eve is wearing a black top and blue jeans with bare feet. Silvia is wearing a light purple top and skirt with white slip on heels. The kissing is very sexy between the girls as they French kiss each other. Eve works her way down Silvia's pert breasts as she kisses and caresses them. Eve removes Silvia's white panties and licks out her pussy, using one finger and then two to pleasure her friend. Eve removes her clothing and sits her self down on Silvia's lap. Both girls continue kissing as Silvia is rubbing and fingering Eve's pussy. The fingering gets tense as Silvia sticks two fingers in Eve's pussy. Silvia decides to remove all her clothing and this time both girls lick each other out in a 69 position. Eve continues to lick Silvia out as she is still sitting on Eve's face, Silvia is enjoying every moment of it. Both ladies get into more kissing action and Silvia sucks on Eve's breasts, and goes down on Eve's pussy. Deep kissing is followed to end this great lesbian sex scene.

Scene 4: A Private Dance: No Touching.

Eve has called for a private dancer to visit her as she wants to make out with a girl she does not know. Ms Fox, who is a stripper, is recommended by one of Eve's friends. Eve is sat at a table at home eagerly awaiting the arrival of this stripper. There's a knock on the front door and Ms Fox has arrived only to be lead straight into Eve's bedroom by Eve herself. Eve is looking stunning in her short black skirt and black top. Ms Fox is wearing a white winter coat and soon removes that to reveal a black skirt, purple open shirt which is revealing her bra, and black stockings. Ms Fox begins her routine and dances seductively for Eve, stripping out of her clothes in the process. Once the bra is taken off, Eve could no longer contain herself and begins kissing Ms Fox. Ms Fox is laid down on the bed as Eve works her way round Ms Fox's body. Eve licks out Ms Fox, and then gets her to do the same to her, kissing and fondling her breasts in the process. Both women lick each other out in a 69 position on the bed. Eve is totally naked while Ms Fox is still wearing her sexy black stockings. Ms Fox is told to lay on her front as Eve climbs on to her back to play with her pussy; this is a very erotic scene as Eve kisses her at the same time. Ms Fox is turned around on her back and both women continue kissing.

Scene 5: Eve Weekend Away: Call Girl.

The final instalment of the scene is set in a hotel room as Eve is gone away from home. She is getting bored as she is reading a magazine on the bed. Eve comes across a classified ad for a call girl so calls the number on her mobile phone. Eve is wearing a pink top, blue jeans and bare footed. Enter call girl Mia dressed in black top and black skirt. As soon as she enters the door Eve waste no time and begins to kiss Mia. Mia grabs Eve's bum while they are kissing each other deeply. Eve decides this matter should be taken to bed and soon has Mia lying on the bed as more kissing follows on the neck, breasts and stomach of the call girl. Mia loves every minute of it as Eve rolls her tongue all around Mia's body. Both women continue to kiss and fondle each other on the bed as Mia gets to grip with Eve's breasts. Mia's dress is pulled up to reveal sexy black panties. She takes off the jeans Eve is wearing so she can continue to explore Eve's body. Eve herself is wearing sexy pink laced knickers and these are removed quickly as Mia goes down on her. Eve caresses Mia's breasts and begins to lick Mia's black panties; she moves them to the side so that she can get her tongue inside Mia's pussy. Eve fingers away at Mia's pussy, licking and caressing, making Mia enjoy every groan and moan she cries out. Eve ends up on top of Mia kissing deeply again on the bed.

Hungarian language with English subtitles. Running time 2 hours.


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