< L'Aubergine est bien farcie

Released: 1981
Director: Michel Baudricourt (Michel Caputo)
Notes: Zoom 24, 52 mins. Video release by VCD, Fil à film, Prestige Collection
Alternate Titles
  • Empale-moi jusqu'à la garde 1987, Dir. given as Paul Kerman re-release title
  • Plaisirs
Notes and Reviews

Males include -

  • Richard Lemieuvre (Richard Allan)
  • Jacques Gateau plays the commissioner
  • Dominique Aveline plays a client of the porn cinema
  • Ghislain Garet - in the footage shown on screen in the cinema
  • Christian Mazagran
  • Michel Caputo, non-sex, plays the man with a heart condition
  • Gérard Daoud, as Gérard Houda, non-sex, plays a policeman

Cathy Dupré and Mika Barthel get jobs as traffic wardens. Dany is interviewed but doesn't get the job. Mika seems to reward offenders with her favours rather than give them tickets and Cathy has a lot of problems with the people who park outside a porn cinema. (The poster says it is showing Goûts pervers d'une femme soumise, another Baudricourt film, but the footage on screen doesn't match). Eventually she is tempted to go in and watch ...

Additonal cast information and alternative title information from Cinerotica.

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