< Anales, clitoridiennes et vaginales

Released: 1982
Director: Alain Payet
Alternate Titles
  • Dolce Vita 2000 West Germany, Silwa / Videorama
  • Les Filles du camping softcore version
Notes and Reviews

Males include -

  • Jean Tolzac plays Albert
  • Jean-Pierre Armand
  • AndrĂ© Kay plays the manager

Even porners need a holiday. After an early morning fuck with her boyfriend, Marianne packs some clothes for a trip to Normandy. A two-seater drops her off at Mont-Saint-Michel from where she starts a hitch-hiking trip. Albert, an older daddy type, is the lucky guy who picks her up first. She guides him to a restaurant where Marianne's girlfriend Elisabeth works as a waitress. The small tourist party goes on until it gets dark. While the girls spend the night in his caravan with some sex, Albert tries to pitch his tent.

The next day they arrive at the camping-site. After the manager has collected the entrance fee from Albert, he enters a tent. A naked young blonde (XNK2861) lying on her belly, reading a magazine, turns around. She starts giving him head immediately until a second guy arrives. With a cock in her mouth she gets fucked doggy style until her back and tits are coated with cum.

Meanwhile an older blonde (Eva Bassan) who's exploring the area gets overwhelmed by Jean-Pierre Armand. Although she resists at first he takes her doggy style without a cumshot.

Relaxing naked in the sun, Marianne and Elisabeth show off their cute bodies to the manager. Back in the tent Elisabeth sticks his dick into her mouth and gets her pussy penetrated from behind. When he spurts his jizz over her ass cheeks Marianne licks up the juices and sucks his cock clean.

Next a black guy and a dark haired female have sex in a meadow. After a cowgirl reverse they move to spoon position until he covers her belly with his load.

A brunette girl (Claudia van Statt) lifts her dress up to her waist in front of two guys. Down on her knees she grabs both cocks and alternately sucks and licks them. Jean-Pierre Armand moves behind her and slides his dick into her ass while she still keeps the other cock in her mouth. After a few strokes, he unloads on her belly.

At night Albert sneaks up to his caravan gazing through the window. Brigitte Verbecq is sitting on a guy's face while he gets his cock sucked by Marianne. The girl from the meadow stuffs the black guy's meat into her hungry mouth and some more people are involved.

The next day Albert visits a night club. Down in the cellar he's watching a poorly-lit live sex show (featuring Obaya Roberts) which is really disappointing.

A typical French plot based porn movie. Some scenes are fairly short and the lighting, especially indoors, could have been much better.


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