< L'Avventura dell'amore

Released: 1989 or 1990
Director: Ilona Staller (and Arduino Sacco uncredited)
Alternate Titles
  • Diva Futura: L'Avventura dell'amore
  • Le Dive dell'amore
Notes and Reviews

See here.

It appears that both hard and explicit soft versions exist. Texxx describes this as soft. From the above post:

L'Avventura dell'amore, softcore, credits:

"film scritto e diretto da Ilona Staller" but "un film realizzato da Carlo Reali per la regia di Ilona Staller"

direttore della fotografia Hard Sacc

aiuto regista Mara Bronzoni

Moana Pozzi; Petra; Baby Pozzi; La Nuova Ramba; Hula Hop; Eva Orlosky; Lucio Rosato; Rick Battaglia; "e speciale partecipazione di" Donna Schiuma; Donna Roccia; Donna Gatto; Jimmy

Three unknown girls who play Donna Gatto (Cat Woman), Donna Roccia (Rock Woman) and Donna Schiuma (Foam Woman). They could be the two brunettes and the blonde dancers.

End of the quote from the post by Texxx.

However, the version viewed, titled DIVA FUTURA L'Avventura dell'Amore, albeit arty, is certainly hardcore. Cicciolina appears, uncredited, as a performer, though briefly, in hardcore action and Lucio Rosato and Rick Battaglia are not credited (though I may have missed the names). It is 80 minutes long and has Portuguese sub-titles, being the version released in Brazil, I assume.

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