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Released: 1995
Director: Francois Clousot
Notes: Private Film 24, also stars Americans Melissa Hill and Tammi Ann
Alternate Titles
  • Film 24 - Arrowhead
Notes and Reviews

The following is taken from the 102'55" DVD version, which has no cast-credits at all - there may well have been full end-credits in the VHS release but these seem to have been cut from the DVD, which ends abruptly halfway through the crew listings.

Males -

  • John Dough
  • Ian Daniels
  • Frank Towers
  • Damien Michaels
  • Yves Baillat (as Ives Le Prince on the DVD cover)
  • Frank Gun (as Ferenc Juhasz on the VHS cover)
  • Kyle Stone, not credited on either cover.

There are some differences between the credits on the VHS and DVD covers - these have been noted above, with the exception that Melissa Hill is credited as Melizza Hill on the VHS. Some sources credit Linda Moore for this film but she does not seem to be present in the copy viewed. The following bears significant discrepancies with breakdowns published elsewhere:

  1. Laura, Gun (this is followed by the opening-credits, which list only technical staff)
  2. Tammi Ann - solo, then b/g with Daniels
  3. Anita, Melissa Hill, Baillat
  4. Anita, Laura (BJs), Melissa Hill (les), Tammi Ann (b/g), Towers
  5. Laura, Anita, Dough, Towers, Michaels
  6. Orgy. Agnes and Nicolette - topless only, dancing. Barbara (briefly-glimpsed BJ/fuck, visible facial), Laura (b/g), Melissa Hill (anal?), Tammi Ann (anal), Gun, Towers, Stone, Baillat.

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