< Apocalypse Climax

Released: 1995
Director: Nic Cramer
Notes: Private Film 25, also stars Americans Melissa Hill and Tammi Ann and Filipina? Karen Flach (iafd). 1 hr 16 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Film 25 - Apocalypse Climax
Notes and Reviews

Non-European females -

  • Melissa Hill, plays Colonel Ona Flurtz
  • Tammi Ann, plays Lezzie
  • Linda Moor (non-sex), plays Sleen Kah
  • Karen Flach (Filipina?), plays Sleen Kah Sister

Males -

  • Jon Dough plays Capt. Shane Willbiehardt
  • Kyle Stone, non-sex, plays Walker
  • Frank Gun, as Ferenz Juhaz, non-sex, plays Speedy
  • Frank Towers plays Donald "Zorro" Kane
  • Yves Baillat plays Sanders
  • Alberto Rey, as Alberto Ray, plays Flurtz Mercenary #2
  • Johnny B. Butt plays Flurtz Mercenary #3
  • Brent Beckett (Brent "Brando" Beckett in end credits), non-sex, plays General Gideon


  1. Stefania (anal), Dough
  2. Eva Dionisio, Dough
  3. Agnes, Anita, Laura, Melissa Hill, Towers, Baillat
  4. Tammi Ann, Dough
  5. Eva Falk, Karen Flach (anal), Melissa Hill, Rey, Butt.

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