< Apocalypse Climax 2

Released: 1995
Director: Nic Cramer
Notes: Private Film 26, also stars Americans Melissa Hill and Tammi Ann and Filipina Linda Moor (iafd). 1 hr. 9 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Apocalypse Climax II: the final ecstasy
  • Film 26 - Apocalypse Climax 2
Notes and Reviews

Non-European females -

  • Melissa Hill, plays Colonel Ona Flurtz
  • Tammi Ann, plays Lezzie
  • Linda Moor, plays Sleen Kah

Males -

  • Jon Dough plays Capt. Shane Willbiehardt
  • Kyle Stone plays Walker
  • Damien Michaels, as Damian Michaels, plays Col. Killjoy
  • Frank Towers plays Donald "Zorro" Kane
  • Yves Baillat plays Sanders
  • Ian Daniels plays Orgy Disciple
  • Frank Gun, uncredited, in orgy (scene 3)


  1. Barbara, Tammi Ann (non-sex), Michaels, Stone (non-sex)
  2. Agnes, Laura (BJ), Linda Moor, Tammi Ann (masturbation), Dough, Stone
  3. Melissa masturbates whilst bathing in a tent. Dough watches her then joins her for b/g. This is intercut with all the remaining cast in an orgy.

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