< Les Amours de Julie

Released: 1981
Director: Gilbert Roussel as James H. Lewis Jr.
Alternate Titles
  • 3 zobs et un cul fin France, Fil à Film
  • Couple pervers VHS title
  • Mannstoll und sexwild West Germany, Diamant Video
  • Trois zobs et un cul fin
Notes and Reviews

Roussel released two films with this title within a year of each other. The alternative title, Vices et perversions chez les jeunes filles pubères, has been used as the main title of the other.

Males -

  • Jack Gateau, as Christophe Mann, plays the butler
  • André Kay is a dinner guest
  • Jean-Pierre Armand plays a man Roussial bumps into outside a shop and has fantasies about

A guess at the plot - Nadine Roussial is a wife whose husband is very ill in bed in their mansion (which looks like a small castle). Frustrated, she has sex with the butler. And day dreams about sex with other men she meets, such as a man she bumps into as she is leaving a shop. The butler also indulges himself with the cook (an unidentified black girl) separately and, later, with a friend of Roussial.

At a dinner party she has sex with the male guest (Kay) while his wife (Cathy Stewart) visits the kitchen and has a threesome with the butler and the cook.

Laura Clair appears to be a friend who visits while Roussial is sunbathing in the nude. They have lesbian sex and then Clair goes off and has sex with the butler.

There is also a lesbian threesome (a scene from the film Florence) involving Roussial, Anna Veruska and Ingrid Choray.

Thanks to skin flick for further information and thanks to Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.

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