< Amateur Stuff 3-4

Released: c. 1995
Director: Kullervo Koivisto
Notes: Finland; HUN-GROUP - Marella Inari appears only briefly (non-sex)
Alternate Titles
  • Amateurs 4 cover title, assumed to be the DVD release of Amateur Stuff 3-4
Notes and Reviews

Only the DVD-release Amateurs 4 was seen. This contains two films. The on-screen title is Amateur Stuff 3-4.
It's not certain if Amateur Stuff 3 and 4 were released at VHS as two stand alone films.
The film contains also material taken at a porn festival, some footage and some trailers for

  • Amateur Stuff 5
  • Lolita Vol. 2
  • Best of Kristina Bellanova Vol. 1
  • Wild Western Boys Meet Horny Eastern Gals

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