< Bordel S.S.

Released: 1978
Director: José Bénazéraf
Notes: Les Productions du Chesne / Audifilm, 68 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • 1942-1945 Piaceri a Parigi Italy, Shendene box title
  • Bordel "SS" Punch video
  • Bordel SS L.C.J. DVD box title (the SS is inside the O)
  • Bordello a Parigi Italy
  • Freudenhaus 42
  • Freudenhaus ou Bordell SS Punch Video and L.C.J. DVD on-screen title - title and alternative title together
  • La Maison des S.S.
  • The Red Devils
  • SS Bordello
Notes and Reviews

Other cast -

  • Pierre Belot plays the collaborator
  • Hubert Géral plays Hubert
  • Aaron Hauchart
  • Guy Royer plays an SS officer (Captain Wilhelm) obsessed with the Barbara Moose character who shoots himself
  • Olivier Oll plays the SS Colonel
  • Alban Ceray makes a brief, uncredited, appearance as a French client of the brothel
  • A mature blonde plays the madam, non-sex
  • A young blonde plays a waitress, non-sex

Erika Cool, Brigitte Lahaie and Guy Royer have a b/g/g scene Barbara Moose and Guy Royer have a couple of b/g scenes.

The plot is difficult to follow in detail but revolves around Barbara Moose spying for the Resistance. Eventually she is tortured and Guy Royer shoots himself.

Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.

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