< Baise-moi partout

Released: 1978
Director: José Bénazéraf
Notes: Les Productions du Chesne / Audifilms, 76 mins. Also VCD video title.
Alternate Titles
  • Attention, je vais jouir
  • Baisez-moi partout
  • Callgirls West Germany, VFL, 69 mins.
Notes and Reviews

Males include -

  • Guy Royer plays the teacher
  • Dominique Irissou plays Nicolas, the woodcutter
  • Jean-Gérard Sorlin plays Gérard, Monsieur Winkler

Upper-class Madame Winkler (Karine Gambier) has sex with a teacher she obviously knows although despising him for being working class. She starts the scene talking about his sticking up political posters and compares him to Georges Marchais (leader of the French Communist Party at the time) and François Mitterand (then leader of the Socialist Party, but not yet President - that will come three years later). Throughout the scene Madame Winkler alludes to his proletarian prick and asks him what it's like to fuck a bourgeoise.

Meanwhile, Dominique, the housekeeper (Cathy Stewart), has it off with her boyfriend, Nicolas, Madame Winkler's woodcutter, in the kitchen. Contrary to most of Stewart's scenes where she looks quite distant (that is to my eyes, but I may be wrong) this time she really looks as if she is enjoying it. Notice the direct sound, not so frequent as far as she is concerned (not so frequent as far as Karine Gambier is concerned either). All through the scene Stewart keeps on with her girlish talk about their future holidays in Morocco. Her best scene as far as I know - with the one coming up in two or three minutes!

Once her good time with Guy Royer is over, Madame calls her woodcutter and watches him putting wood in the hearth while fantasizing about him. Royer leaves the place and Stewart runs after him, threatening to tell her boss, Monsieur Winkler, about his wife and the teacher. She will not say a word if he agrees to let her compare his prick with Nicolas's. Reluctant at first, the teacher gives in and they are in for a roll in the hay: just another superb scene. Awesome Stewart with Guy Royer, live sound and her lover who joins them for a threesome. If somebody is ever in need of a scene for a Cathy Stewart Anthology, just remember this one! Even the music is right!

Nicolas and Dominique (though she is reluctant at first) have another go at it in the kitchen and are soon joined by Madame who, once the scene is over, announces a party for the following day featuring Patricia and her sister, a journalist and her girlfriend Marie-Pierre - none of these to be referred to later.

Diane Dubois has a little talk with Dominique Saint-Claire about watching Emmanuelle 2 and her liking for erotic films before the discussion turns into a lesbian scene first, which turns into a threesome when Guy Royer joins in.

We now see a hunting party coming home. Dominique Saint-Claire and Guy Royer are part of it and yet, a few seconds later we see them together in the house having a talk against hunting and welcoming the rest of the party back. Some flagrant inconsistency here, but who cares after all this time... The group (notice Karine Gambier's absence - not an accident as it is mentioned by Monsieur Winkler) plays some sort of game of truth. Monsieur Winkler is accused of having an affair with Diane Dubois. He has some acid words with Dominique Saint-Claire about bourgeoisie and after a parody of a communist trial in the old USSR, he is sentenced to lovemaking in front of the audience...

(An unidentified dyed-blonde whose face is never seen appears in this scene.)

In fact the next scene features Diane Dubois having a lick at each participant except the woodsman - notice Karine Gambier back on the right of the screen but keeping away from the action. Then we are treated with mostly a lesbian scene, joined at the end by Guy Royer. In parallel, Dominique Saint-Claire makes it with Monsieur Winkler. Why does Dominique Irissou stay out of it? We will probably never know (maybe it was in the original script?). Why has Cathy Stewart disappeared from the screen? Just another mystery... And why (Why indeed?) does Dominique Saint-Claire shoot Monsieur Winkler at the very end? Too many questions... Better to remember Cathy Stewart's outstanding scenes.


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