< Bourgeoise et... pute

Released: 1982
Director: Gérard Kikoïne
Notes: Gold Productions (Paris) and Beate Uhse Filmproduktion (flennsburg) / Alpha France, 82 mins., Alpha France video, 80 mins., DVD Blue One (78 mins) with Prison tres speciale pour femmes and L'Infirmiere
Alternate Titles
  • Bourgeoise et... pute ! Alpha France video cover title, Bourgeoise et... pute! in a trailer
  • Notti particolari e bagnate Italy
  • Twins
  • Young, Wild and Crazy West Germany, Beate Uhse VHS, Tabu DVD, 1 hr. 17 mins. also US title, much shorter opening scene, omitting the graveside sequence
  • Cathy Ménard plays Muriel/Sandra
  • Marianne Aubert uncredited, plays the tied-up actress
  • Marilyn Jess plays Dominique
  • Mika Barthel uncredited on the VHS, as Mika on the DVD, plays one of the Asian girls at the birthday party
  • Olivia Flores probably as Monica Sanchez on the VHS, as Moanie on the DVD, plays the lesbian actress
  • XNK0040 plays one of the Asian girls at the birthday party
Notes and Reviews

The credits on the VHS are very strange -

  • Sylvia Cyranno (presumably Cathy Ménard)
  • Monica Sanchez (presumably Olivia Flores)
  • Armand Ford (presumably Jean-Pierre Armand)
  • Frederic Forrest (?)

The credits on the DVD are more comprehensive - Cathy Menard, Marilyn Jess, Marianne Aubert, Mika (Barthel), Moanie (Olivia Flores), Jean-Pierre Armand, Dominique Irissou, Gilbert Servien, Hubert Géral, Eric Saville.

Males -

  • Thierry plays Pierre
  • Dominique Irissou plays Gérard, the gangster photographer
  • Hubert Géral plays a Belgian actor
  • Éric Saville plays one of the men at the birthday party
  • Jean-Pierre Armand plays the caretaker with a stammer and a hook for a right hand
  • Gilbert Servien plays bank president Cadin
  • Marc Winandy, uncredited, plays a mobster
  • Jacques Marbeuf, uncredited, plays a mobster
  • second man at birthday party
  • two other men in mobster gang bang scene
  • unidentifiable male in safety deposit box vault
  • other male extras

Cathy Menard plays Muriel who has just buried her twin sister Sandra. She begins to discover her sister's true character - a woman who had many sexual adventures. A series of flashbacks makes up most of the film - but was there really a sister?

Marilyn Jess and Marianne Aubert are actresses in the adult film she is making. A supposedly American wannabe actress is played by Olivia Flores. There are also a couple of Asian-looking brunettes (Mika Barthel and XNK0040) who take part in an orgy scene with Cathy Ménard and two men. No penetration is seen in Marilyn Jess's sex scene. Most sex scenes involve Cathy Ménard.

Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.

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