< Boarding School Lesbos

Released: 1987
Director: probably Alain Payet
Notes: US DVD (Lipstik) title, French title unknown
Notes and Reviews

This is really just an extended lesbian orgy set in a small girls' boarding school run by a very fat headmistress (Groseille). There are only six students: Marilyn Jess, a short-haired brunette with a chubby face (XNK0026), a short-haired brunette with a thinner face (Tanya Valis), a blonde (Carole), a darker blonde (Pascale) and a thin, older looking brunette (XNK5958). There is also a girl in a sex shop (XNK0029).

One source gives a credit to Marie St Clair, but this could be a fake American credit.

The film begins at a meal time, all students are present except Marilyn Jess who is masturbating on her bed. One of the girls sneaks under the table to frig the chubby faced brunette. Pascale leaves and joins Marilyn Jess for a g/g session. They finish and Marilyn Jess comes down for her meal.

All go upstairs to bed. Marilyn Jess has a room next to the headmistress and the other girls sleep on the next floor up. The headmistress sneaks into Marilyn's room. A couple of the girls sneak down to spy on them and then go back up for an orgy in one room above - all five girls. Then Pascale comes down and gets permission to leave the house. We then see her in a sex shop where she tries out a dildo. Another girl is watching a porn film and masturbating. They have a g/g session.

Back to the orgy. The blonde goes into the shower to be joined by the thin brunette and the chubby-faced brunette. The others join Marilyn Jess and the headmistress.

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