< Les Baiseuses

Released: 1974
Director: Yves Coste as Guy Gibert or as Jack Guy
Notes: Belgium, soft and hard versions, original length 85 mins
Alternate Titles
  • La Candeur du diable
  • De verdorven Jeugd van Sabine B. Holland, video title of soft version, German sound, Dutch subtitles, Stay Home Video, 74 mins
  • Jailbait USA
  • Manrapers
  • Poesjes voor de Galg Belgium, Flemish title
  • The Pornogirls Belgium, hard version, Frecnh spoken, Dutch subtitles, 75 mins, also an English-dubbed version
  • That Girl is a Tramp
  • Les Violeuses
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Yves Collignon plays Sam
  • Boris Stoïkoff plays Jean, the lawyer
  • Guy Gibert plays Herman
  • Sam Marée plays the photographer
  • Daniel Dury
  • Gio Berck
  • Jean-Pierre Bouyxou
  • Pierre Querut
  • Charles Coene
  • Henri Duwe

16-year-old naive Julie lives in Brussels with her mother and stepfather. When he tries to rape her, she runs away and meets with Sabine, a more worldly wise girl. They pose for dirty photographers', they steal and get caught. In the reform house for girls they meet with the horny director (Swinn) and Isabelle, another girl. Together they escape. They burgle a house, but the owner - who surprises them - falls in love with one of the girls. He lets them run away, but eventually they get caught. So this one has a moralistic ending.

There are two versions of this movie; softcore and hardcore. Laura Viala did not take part in the hardcore scenes.


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