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Released: 1979
Director: Michel Ricaud
Notes: 75 minutes
Alternate Titles
  • Pine partouze 69 mins
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Jack Gatteau
  • Daniel Trabet
  • Jacques Mouret

The following is from the version called Pine partouze.

Credits (in listed order): Jacques and Agnes, Nathalie and Denise, Sophie and Bobby

Cast - Part 1: Marilyne Leroy, Cristel Lauris, Jenny Feeling (Agnes), Unknown Man 1, Jacques Mouret, Jacques Gatteau

Cast - Part 2: Marilyne Leroy, France Lomay, Diane Dubois, Danièle Troeger, Jacques Mouret, Unknown Man 3

Cast - Part 3: Diane Dubois, Danièle Troeger, France Lomay, Unknown Man 3, Unknown Man 4, Daniel Trabet

Review (4/12/2003)

This video has very obviously been transferred from film. The film has three distinct parts which appear almost unconnected to each other, leading me to wonder if they are all from the same original film or if three incomplete transfers to video have been joined to make one new film. Overall the quality is fair but variable, the third part is particularly poor. The first part of the film was also noticably shot in such a way as to easily remove the hardcore sections and therefore includes softcore sections (some obvious ones).

Scene 1 (Part 1): Marilyne Leroy, Unknown Man 1

The film opens with the two on a bed and undressing. Marilyne Leroy lies on her back with her head at the top of the bed, Unknown Man 1 lies alongside her with his head at the foot of the bed. They start to chant and the girl especially also starts to writhe around on the bed.

Scene 2 (Part 1): Cristel Lauris, Jenny Feeling, Jacques Mouret, Jacques Gatteau

The scene opens outside a house with 2 men and 2 women walking across a driveway into the house. Once inside, Cristel Lauris and Jacques Mouret start to unpack. Jenny Feeling and Jacques Gatteau go to a bedroom (bj, b/g).

Scene 3 (Part 1): Cristel Lauris, Jenny Feeling, Jacques Mouret, Jacques Gatteau

Jenny Feeling and Jacques Gatteau walk out of the bedroom and meet Cristel Lauris who is doing some ironing. The two girls talk leading to them both becoming naked. Jacques Gatteau has meantime got a camera and proceeds to take pictures of the two girls. They adjourn to the poolside where the picture taking continues. As the posing gets more provocative Jacques Gatteau removes his clothes and some heavy petting ensues. Just as Jacques Gatteau impales Cristel Lauris, her partner, Jacques Mouret, comes round the corner. Jacques Gatteau tosses him into the pool only to be told that he can't swim, so he has to jump into the pool himself to rescue Jacques Mouret. Once rescued the three leave him on the side of the pool to recover.

Scene 4 (Part 1): Marilyne Leroy, Cristel Lauris, Jenny Feeling, Unknown Man 1, Jacques Mouret, Jacques Gatteau

Jacques Mouret is exploring in the house. He finds a locked door. Peering through the keyhole he sees Marilyne Leroy and Unknown Man 1 who are still in their chant. He calls the others over to see and they take turns spying through the keyhole.

Returning to the main room the couples strip off and start embracing. (bj, b/g x 2, cumshot).

Meanwhile Marilyne Leroy has been watching them through the old fireplace which has been glass partitioned with a pool and plants behind. Marilyne Leroy now enters the room through a doorway and receives the attention of the two men (b/g (some faked), cumshot) and the two girls also get together (g/g).

Suddenly the scene cuts.

Scene 5 (Part 2): Jenny Feeling, Marilyne Leroy, Diane Dubois, Unknown Blonde 5, France Lomay, 2 x Unknown Men, Jacques Mouret, Unknown Man 3

This scene opens outside the same house as in Scene 2 with 4 girls and 1 man crossing the driveway.

The scene then cuts to the large lawned area alongside the house and by a pool. Jacques Mouret is staggering across the lawn with a wine bottle in his hand. He makes his way to the pool where seven girls are swimming/sunbathing. Staggering to a deck-chair he slumps down. The girls all close in on him and start to remove his clothes. Jacques Gatteau arrives with 2 other unknown men, notice what is happening and start to remove their clothes. Once completed they attract the attention of the girls and basically an orgy ensues (multiple bj's, multiple b/g's, multiple cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, no cumshots).

Suddenly the scene cuts.

Scene 6 (Part 3): Diane Dubois, Danièle Troeger, France Lomay, Jacques Gatteau, Unknown Man 4, Daniel Trabet

The scene opens in what is probably a high roofed cellar area. The six enter from the right and 5 sit down.

Unknown Man 4 talks to them and then is replaced by Diane Dubois who performs a sensual dance and strip. As she starts to 'rub' herself, Daniel Trabet crawls between her legs (face up) and she drops down to his face for a 'tongueing'.

The next act is Danièle Troeger who again strips off and masturbates. She borrows Jacques Gatteau's cigar which she smokes firstly with her mouth and then with her pussy (pelvic movements giving puffs of smoke from the cigar - impressive control). For the final part of her act everybody moves in close to watch and things move on swiftly from this point (bj x 2, 69, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, cumshot).

The group now move into the adjoining area, which is effectively a winery, and start drinking the wine. Unknown Man 4 gets a bucket and pipe contraption and he and Jacques Gatteau proceed to fill Diane Dubois's pussy with wine. Once full they replace the pipe with a tap (as usually in a wine barrel) and fill each other's glasses from this source (bj's, b/g's, cumshot).

Suddenly the scene cuts.


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