< Breaking Point

Released: 1975
Director: Bo Arne Vibenius as Ron Silberman Jr.
Notes: Sweden, Audiovision Entertainment
Alternate Titles
  • Breathing Point ?
  • Pornografisk Thriller Danish?, used in subtitles
  • Les Su├ędoises France
  • Barbara Scott probably as Bertha Klingspor, plays the woman followed from the train
  • XNK5919 non-sex, plays Suzanne Andersson, the first murder victim, as Irena Billing, Jane McIntosh, Susanne Audrian, Marilyn Inverness or Liza June
  • XNK5920 non-sex, plays the co-worker who teases Billing, as Irena Billing, Jane McIntosh, Susanne Audrian, Marilyn Inverness or Liza June
  • XNK5921 non-sex, plays the receptionist, as Irena Billing, Jane McIntosh, Susanne Audrian, Marilyn Inverness or Liza June
  • XNK5922 plays the blonde followed home by car, as Irena Billing, Jane McIntosh, Susanne Audrian, Marilyn Inverness or Liza June, perhaps Marilyn Inverness
  • XNK5923 plays the hitch-hiker, as Irena Billing, Jane McIntosh, Susanne Audrian, Marilyn Inverness or Liza June, perhaps Liza June
Notes and Reviews

The cast names in the credit sequence are probably fictitious and the technical credits are sometimes both fictitious and (intended to be) humorous:

Starring Anton Rothschild (an alias of Andreas Bellis, the male protagonist, Bob Billing, a boring office worker seemingly living alone in a small flat with a model trainset for company), Irena Billing, Jane McIntosh, Susanne Audrian, Bertha Klingspor, Marilyn Inverness, Liza June, Adolf Deutsch, Joachim Bender.

Based on an original story by Ron Silberman Jr.

Screenplay - Ron Silberman Jr., Nat Sharp

Director of Photography - Adam de Loup

Assistant Cameraman - Dan Holladay

Sound - Al Peabody, Fritz Salomoon

Head Grip - Dan Weeisman

Head Gaffer - Allan Doyle

Stunt Driving by TURBOman

Special Effects - Urban Hitler

Mr Rothschild's Clothes Designed by Octavia

Music by Ralph Lundsten Andromeda Electronic Music Studio

'Head Theme' played on his own cittra by Anton Karas

Editor - Robert Taylor

Script Girl - Ina Cente

Production Manager - Charles le Bloy

Unit Manager - Oscar Wilde

Produced by Stan Kowalski

Directed by Ron Silberman Jr.

Audiovision Investment. All Rights Reserved, Copyright MCMLXXV

A blonde housewife (XNK5919), who is later named as Suzanne Andersson, is followed from a supermarket and raped and murdered in the darkness of her flat. This is recounted on a TV news bulletin when the office workers take a break. A policeman and a psychiatrist are interviewed and from the dialogue it may be that this is some sort of science fiction world as it seems slightly skewed from reality. Or maybe it's just bad writing.

Billing's female colleagues are mostly just extras and have not been placed in the unknowns, apart from the receptionist (XNK5921) and a blonde in a denim suit (XNK5920) who teases Billing, but never speaks - or maybe this is partly in his dreams.

It is not clear whether Billing is the rapist of the blonde housewife, but the news report seemingly inspires him to go out on the prowl. He sees a brunette (Barbara Scott) in the railway station. She meets his gaze and he follows her on to the train and then to her home. He orders her to strip and they have sex. He goes home and dreams about her after playing with his model trains.

Further news reports, in which it is announced that 'authorized citizens' are going to be issued with gun permits, inspire Billing both to obtain a gun and to go out on the prowl again. He sees a blonde (XNK5922) parting from her husband or boyfriend. He follows her car home and again orders her to strip, but this time the sex is only seemingly consensual as she takes the opportunity, while in the doggy position, to grab a pair of scissors and stab him in the thigh. She then flees from the house and drives away in her car. He pursues her in his car and causes it to crash. It blows up into a fireball.

Another visit to the gun shop provides him with ammunition and Billing goes off to the country in his car for some target practice. On the way back he picks up a very willing hitch-hiker (XNK5923). They have sex in the back of his estate car. Further dreams of his conquests follow.

Back in the city with his briefcase, he is mistaken for a man carrying money by would-be robbers. They kidnap him, but on finding out their mistake decide to kill him. The man aiming a gun at him is distracted, giving Billing enough time to remove his loaded gun from his briefcase and kill all three of them.

He drives back to the city to meet his wife (not listed) and child on their return from a trip and tells them that nothing much has happened while they were away. How this squares with his single bed and small bedroom is not explained.

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