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Released: 1982
Director: Alberto Cavallone as Baron Corvo
Notes: Italy, French video release Top¹X 1994, with the fake director credit to Reine Pirau
Alternate Titles
  • Baby Sitter
  • Baby Sitter International
  • Being Captured alternative title
  • Essere tenuto Italian title, Spanish dub, English subtitles, censored version, 68 mins.
  • Giochi d'amore particolari
  • Il nano e la strega
  • Il Nano erotico
  • Petites Fesses juvéniles France, screen title
  • Petites Fesses juvéniles pour membres bienfaiteurs France, poster title
  • Violée par un Nain Dir. falsely credited to Reine Pirau France, Bestix video release, c. 78 mins, stolen generic Unia credits
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Petit Loup aka Olivier Privat, is the dwarf, Wilfred
  • Serwan A. Hoshyar plays the chauffeur
  • Franco Coltorti plays Gianni, the babysitter's boyfriend
  • Other sources give: Alex Eusebi and Marc Aletti (for the chauffeur)

The hard versions are devoid of original titles (and credits). The opening credits of the soft version credit, in order: Joseph Fine, Dominique St. Clair, A. Serwan Hoshyar, Sabrina, Alex Eusebi, Petit Loup.

From the French version:

DP = Dom Pat (Dominique Saint Claire)
SM = Sabrina Mastrolorenzi
NR = Nadine Roussial

First we see SM with her boyfriend in a field, giving him a blowjob. But before he can come, she must leave for work as a babysitter. Riding on their motorcycle she takes his dick and makes him come. Then she goes off to a car where DP is going to take her to a far away villa to do some babysitting. SM's boyfriend tries to follow the car, but runs out of petrol. Then he loses them out of sight and asks for the house at the shop, the pizzeria, and so forth. Meanwhile, SM is starting her job in the huge villa, but she is already locked in. In the car outside, DP is having sex with her Italian lover, the chauffeur.

The 'boy' SM has to look after is a grown up dwarf. He makes her unconscious with a drugged arrow, undresses her, and suspends her near the fireplace. When she awakes, he starts teasing her with dildos and so on; he also slaps her. Meanwhile, in a room not far from there we see DP and her lover enjoying themselves whilst looking at the dwarf and SM through closed-circuit TV. DP says to her lover that he lacks imagination and that she would rather look at the dwarf (in fact her husband) who is 'much more creative'. SM tries to convince the dwarf that she will cooperate with his demands; she is set free and gives him a handjob.

Then the dwarf prepares for a special enema in the kitchen, and he starts talking about his other mistress. In a flashback we see the dwarf with Nadine Roussial in different sex scenes (some kind of enema, dildo, he mouthfucks her and then he fucks her, combining this with a huge dildo to compensate for his small size). SM now tries to escape; DP sends her lover to go and help her husband; SM kills the dwarf with a javelin; SM's boyfriend arrives just in time to knock off DP's lover. Happy End.


Additional information and correction from Skin Flick.

Film information updated with help from Franco Grattarola & Andrea Napoli, Luce Rossa. La nascita e le prime fasi del cinema pornografico italiano, Roma: Ed. Iacobelli, 2014, pp. 269-270.

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