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Released: 1983
Director: Luigi Latini Di Marchi but given as Claude Barier (Claudio Perone de Barier)
Notes: Cancer Cinematografica (Italy) / Les Films de Chevain, Meudon / Les Films Gais et Couleurs, Paris; Overseas Video copyright 1987 by Simon Film, 85 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Invitations recto verso pour petites bourgeoises France
  • Brigitte Verbecq as Brigitte Cartier, plays Babette, the petrol pump attendant
  • Isabelle Brell as Isabelle Frisant, plays madame colette (non-sex in this role) and one of Mustafa's three concubines
  • Stella Smart plays the cashier at the bar (simulated sex?)
Notes and Reviews

Opening credits -

  • Brigitte Cartier (Brigitte Verbecq, plays Babette)
  • Paolo Celli
  • Isabelle Frisant (Isabelle Brell, plays Babette's friend, Colette and one of the concubines)
  • Paul Cooper (Maurizio Mammucari)
  • Bruno Bernadini plays Antonio, the attendant at the competing petrol station
  • Toni Biasin
  • Stella Smart plays the cashier at the bar
  • Giuseppe Terranova plays don Gaudenzi
  • Omar Bubaker (presumably plays Mustafa)

End credits, altri interpreti -

  • Franco Pacinotti
  • Maurizio Beltrami
  • Franca Lorenzo
  • Gisella Hans
  • Chantal de Champs
  • Nando Cirillo
  • Memmo Pasquali
  • Angela de Santis

Uncredited -

  • Lina Franchi, uncredited, plays the lady in the car with her husband
  • Claudio Perone plays the customer in the bar
  • Mauro Baccione plays a husband

Presumably the end credits include the three middle-aged females in non-sex roles, commenting on Babette's antics. In fact there are so many non-sex perforemrs in this film that it seemed pointless to include them in the unknowns. The two other concubines who had sex roles (luring male customers at the petrol station into their camper van) could not be capped. One was wearing a veil and the other was probably wearing a wig.

Babette works at a petrol station and has sex with most of her male customers in an adjacent caravan. An older man in the village wants to marry her and is driven to distraction by her behaviour. She gets a visit from her friend Colette (Isabelle Brell who does very littel in this roel but has a sex role as one of Mustafa's concubines). Stella Smart also gets in on some (simulated or body-doubled) b/g action. Eventually Babette is persuaded to the altar, but gets a message (that Mustafa has discovered a gusher) from a mysterious motorbike rider during the ceremony and jilts her groom.

The above probably misses some nuances of the plot.

Film information updatded with help from Franco Grattarola & Andrea Napoli, Luce Rossa. La nascita e le prime fasi del cinema pornografico italiano, Roma: Ed. Iacobelli, 2014, pp. 267-269.

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