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Released: 1984
Director: Jacques Péroni as J. Courtenay
Notes: Socai Films (1987), no credits in the version viewed, 57 mins.
Notes and Reviews

Alain L'Yle appears as A. Podensanu.

Other credits - S. Belli, J. Douxe.

No story, just some scenes linked by a sort of dialogue between a curly-haired girl (XNK7711), Alain L'Yle and a second man.

Here are the scenes in the order they appear:

  • Sixsome: Alain L'Yle plus two other men and three girls.
  • Nathalie Idoux masturbating.
  • Three girls together (XNK7711, XNK7712, XNK7713 - probably the beginning of the opening scene before the guys came in).
  • Man and two girls, one from previous scene (XNK7712), the other Marie-France.
  • Alain L'Yle and brunette (Marie-France).
  • Back to initial sixsome.
  • The same, but now there's a black man to make them seven and a blonde (XNK7714).


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