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Released: 1986
Director: Francis Leroi as Betty Lenox
Notes: Cinévog, 75 mins. Ski'l video 65 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Durchbohre mich ! West Germany, AS-Film, 61 mins., has additional footage added in spite of being shorter
  • Brigitte Verbecq possibly as Barbara Rosenthal?, plays Sadie, soft SM and les only
  • Jennifer as Nadia News, plays Daisy
  • Marie-Hélène plays Marie, the slave
  • Marilyn Jess in German release only, archive footage from Adolescentes pour satyres
  • Marina Hedman in German release only, archive footage from Adolescentes pour satyres
  • Michelle Davy in German release only, archive footage from Adolescentes pour satyres
  • Véronique Lemon in German release only, archive footage from Adolescentes pour satyres
  • XNK2260 plays a young girl that has been kidnapped together with her boyfriend. Could be Barbara Rosenthal?
  • XNK2261 plays a servant, receives oral only - sits on face of kidnapped boyfriend (possibly Marie-Hélène masked)
  • XNK7189 plays a servant, les only (goes down on Daisy in her gang bang)
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Pjotr Stanislas plays a hooded man
  • Alain L'Yle plays the first man
  • Frank Mazard plays the second man
  • Jacky Arnal plays a henchman
  • unidentified male plays the 'Master'
  • unidentified male plays the kidnapped boyfriend

Males in the Roman orgy scene (in German release only, archive footage from Adolescentes pour satyres) -

  • Alban Ceray
  • Dominique St Clair (Gil Lagardère)
  • André Kay

The German release has the Roman orgy scene from Adolescentes pour satyres added to the original French movie (in place of original footage, because the video is shorter). Why the German video company had the temerity to think that their judgement of the erotic was superior to that of Francis Leroi is a mystery.

There are a lot of chains, leather suits, whips and other fetish material.

Two woman, Daisy and Sadie, are talking about a mysterious man called "The Master". Daisy tells her friend what happened the previous night when she was kidnapped by two men and brought to The Master. There was an evening of obedience to several men who wore leather and masks. She was forced to give oral sex from under a table to two men (Franck Mazard and Alain L'Yle).

There is also a female slave Marie in several scenes and a lesbian scene between the girls hanging together in chains.

Daisy is aroused enough to want to fuck The Master but he prefers Marie.

At one point Sadie gets so turned on by the account that she begins to chew up the flowers in a vase on the table.

In another scene, when they are fucking they are witnessing a young couple who have been kidnapped having sex, and after that the young man is dressed in female underwear.

There is also a lesbian scene between Daisy and Sadie.

Sadie meets The Master at the end of the movie and she turns into a dominatrix and makes him crawl on the floor while being whipped by her.

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