< Belles à confesse

Released: 1982
Director: Pierre Unia as Reine Pirau
Notes: Unia Films, Visa no. 48835, 82 mins., shooting title and video title (79 mins.)
Alternate Titles
  • Belles et bien éduquées mais... le feu au cul 1987 re-release
  • Incesto sacrale Italy, DVD BL Comm
  • Les Voyeuses original theatrical release title
  • Les Voyeuses N° 2
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Ghislain Garet plays the priest
  • Jacky Arnal plays Jacques the travelling wine salesman
  • André Kay plays André

Jacky Arnal, playing a wine merchant, whose car breaks down on a country road, is helped by a lady (Cathy Ménard) who tells him she lives in Montrésor and leaves him.

A curly-haired woman (Marie-Jo) tells her sins to the priest of the village. She tells him that she fantasised about her husband's lover (called Françoise) while making love with him the day before (archive footage of Macha added to her scene with her husband André Kay). The priest punishes her in his own way in the toilets and comes into her mouth.

Cathy Ménard plays Hélène, the chemist of the village, and the priest's sister.

Elisabeth Buré is Olga, a nun who lives with the priest. The priest is a funny fellow who seems to enjoy talking about sin and about wine being Christ's blood.

At the hotel, the wine merchant gets acquainted with Ginette, a black maid, and asks her about the nice lady he's met. His description fitting the maid perfectly, she offers her slender body for his wristwatch. It's a deal!

André's wife, who is a friend of hers, invites Ginette to her place and in the meantime, takes care of herself... The maid tells about the merchant, the other tells about her delightful penance and both end up on the bed together with a strapped on dildo. Then there enters André who immediately finds his place in his wife's unengaged orifice.

Hélène finds a case with sexy toys and a cassette player at her brother's. She masturbates while listening to a cassette (more archive footage).

Later, she relates the scene to Olga who becomes wet and wonders what the reason for this might be. Hélène shows her how to cure the problem and the nun discovers pleasure too. When Olga realises she has committed a sin, she decides to tell it to the priest and suggests Hélène does the same.

Meanwhile the wine merchant is taking leave of the hotel and the maid who tells him that the woman he is looking for is Hélène, the priest's sister. When he tries to phone her, she gives him the cold shoulder and hangs up. Yet a little voice inside her tells her a few nice words about him...

Ginette tells the priest that her friend liked the penance she received the previous day. She gets the same one in the same place but this time the priest comes on her ass. She obviously enjoys it too.

Now is the time for Olga to confess her sin, sex with Hélène (Jesus those situations in porn films! Think about it - a nun confessing to a priest her affair with his sister!). Of course she won't escape penance. This time in her bedroom!

Later the priest invites Hélène to his place and suggests she tells him her sins. She won't come for lunch but she'll come see him in the church...

The merchant turns up at the priest's and has him taste his products. One bottle. Then a second... The priest falls asleep after telling the merchant that he is going to hear his sister's sins. The merchant dresses up as a priest.

Olga masturbating on her bed.

At church. The false priest hears Hélène telling him about Olga and herself. The false priest takes her to Olga's (who is washing her pussy) and gives her the expected treatment as Olga watches from behind a door before joining in.

Don't miss Elisabeth Buré dressed as a nun imploring Cathy Ménard to tell her sins! That's a sight to behold! And never to forget

By the way confesse contains both con (i.e. cunt) and fesse (buttock). Who's gonna say that religion and sex are two different things!?


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