< Les Bachelières en chaleur

Released: 1982
Director: Jean Luret as John Blackley
Notes: Cinémadis / Alcove Video, 62 mins. originally, re-edited archive footage from various titles
Alternate Titles
  • Bachelières en folie Pin Up video release title with additional scene; so probably the 66 mins. that is the time of the Italian video
  • Bouches expertes There may be confusion here as a version of the original Bouches expertes exists with the inserted title Bachelières en chaleur and Cinémadis inserted as the production company.
  • Jouisseuse et perverse
  • Orgasmi deliranti Dir. given as John Blackley (Jean Luret)
  • Sex Academy Metal'X video
Notes and Reviews

A film consisting entirely of archive footage, mainly from the films of Serge Korber and Alain Nauroy - the reminiscences in the form of day dreams of the character played by Richard Darbois, with much concentration on African scenes.

Males include -

  • Richard Darbois, simulated or body-doubled sex only
  • Manu Pluton
  • Madou Sall
  • Cyril Val, as Alain Clumey (sic) in the Italian video release which mostly has fake credits
  • Carmelo Petix
  • Gabriel Pontello
  • Charlie Schreiner
  • Herbert Hofer (or is he a lookalike?)
  • Gianni Vallone

The Italian video release has credits which are probably borrowed from another film - Martine Sèmo (not present), Corinne Gambier (not present), Alain Clumey (presumably meant to be Cyril Val, who is prominently featured), Bob Sanchez (who?), Claire Brochard. If the last is an alias for Lucie Doll, then she may be present. It is difficult to be certain as much of the archive footage used is orgy footage, though it is unlikely given the sources of the archive footage.

Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.

The following notes were made as a step on the way to identifying the sources of the archive footage. They are based on the Italian video.

Italian voiceover and musical soundtrack. (I bet they didn't pay royalties to Eric Clapton and Bob Marley though.)

This is all archive footage, including the linking scenes, which the voiceover and background music help to disguise. (All of Richard Darbois sex scenes were body-doubled in all his films and that is always implicit in the notes below.)

Richard Darbois, carrying a briefcase, comes home from the office, sits at his desk and appears to be writing some notes or a memoir about his girlfriend (Janey or Jenny?) Martine Grimaud. Cue more archive footage:

1. Martine Grimaud and Richard Darbois, b/g, only a short clip. Then Darbois goes to sleep at his desk and the rest is a dream.

2. An anonymous brunette gives a blow job.

3. Darbois meets Martine who is waiting for him outside a huge office block. She takes him to a top-down sports car full of her friends, mostly women with Cyril Val and maybe Carmelo Petix. Cut to these people entering a small apartment - more people than could have fitted in the car. An orgy develops which Darbois leaves half-way through. Participants, apart from Grimaud and Darbois, include Gabriel Pontello, briefly seen on entry to the room, Carmelo Petix, Cyril Val, Claude Janna, Marlène Myller, Chantal Fourquet, two long-haired blondes (one is Marie-José Pontello, the other, very similar looking, could be Muriel Vidal), a brunette. [From Hard Love.]

4. Stock shots of Victoria Falls precede shots of Martine Grimaud (probably) in a canoe at the lake shore with a black male. Then it becomes two males. The shots are mostly distant with one or two close-ups of penetration. (Could be from Safari Porno, anyway seems not to be used in Débordements de Plaisir or P ...comme pénétration.)

5. Cyril Val, Darbois and a black girl (Nadia Day?) in an outdoor threesome in the bush. Stock African shots are supposed to indicate that they are scared off by lions. (Could be from Safari Porno, anyway seems not to be used in Débordements de Plaisir or P ...comme pénétration.)

6. Orgy on a couch (probably in the night club used in P ...comme pénétration, but may not have been used in exactly the same way in that film) Two males and two females - XNK1714, Cyril Val, unshaven male, girl with long mousey hair (breasts too small for Ingrid d'Eve, I think). Then a view of a large circular lamp precedes b/g between a black girl and a lightly-bearded black man.

7. Martine on a horse on a beach meets black male and has sex on the sand. (from Débordements de Plaisir) Tribe in village playing drums. Darbois looking miserable. Brief glimpse of Darbois kissing Martine in an office. Back to a lakeside village in Africa.

8. The first glimpse of totally unrelated added footage from an unknown source with Elisabeth Buret and Dom Pat on a bed with two males one of whom is Herbie Hofer (or a look-alike), the other Gianni Vallone. Carole Pierac joins the party in a clip inserted later (see below).

9. Martine Grimaud doing 69 on the grass. Nearby the Castel twins are chased by a man and then they jointly give him a blow job.

10. Martine and male on a red bed by a window behind a gauze curtain. Then with two men on the same bed (one man may be Trabet). A dinner table at the same house with eight people sitting around it until they all get up and have an orgy on the same red bed. Emmanuelle Rivière may be present, but it is diffcult to be certain.

11. Carole Pierac has now joined her fellow blondes Buret and Dom Pat and 'Herbie Hofer' has been replaced by a dark-haired male.

12. Pamela Stanford, Claudine Beccarie, Carmelo Petix and another male. (From Hard Love.)

13. A blonde in a red dress (could be Pamela Stanford) gives Darbois a blow job under his desk then this proceeds to full sex. (From Hard Love.)

14. Anonymous b/g on a bed and other close-ups.

Darbois on the phone in his office, plus other shots of him linking the following.

15. Orgy - two blondes, a black male, Emmanuelle Parèze in a black wig, a brunette wearing a black choker, a pair of legs in fishnet stockings gripping an anonymous male backside, a brunette with a beaded necklace.

16. A naked brunette, probably Grimaud, with a male going down on her.

17. Sylvia Bourdon, Jocelyne Clairis, Nadia Day (though you need the original to ID her), Manu Pluton, Madou Sal (presumably) and Richard Darbois - orgy scene from Débordements de plaisir.

Darbois leaves his office, saying goodbye to his blonde secretary and we see him meeting Grimaud outside the office block as at the start and they approach the same sports car and their friends. Then he wakes up.

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