< Blutjunge Verführerinnen

Released: 2002
Notes: MMV 18073 (VHS); 50270 (DVD)
Alternate Titles
  • Un Corpo da sbattere Dir. given as Fabio Pasolini Italy, omits the last two scenes, i.e. it is without Dora Venter, and with first name credits (females only)
  • Endlich 18! Teil 8 MMV DVD, second re-titling, 50270
  • Cassandra [2] as Iris (as Maria or uncredited, Italian vn.)
  • Denise (as Maria or uncredited, Italian vn.)
  • Dora Venter as Laura (not in Italian vn)
  • Karma as Betty or Lenka (Karma in Italian vn)
  • Nicole [5] miscredited as Eva? (Nicole in Italian vn.?)
  • Nicole Taylor as Betty or Lenka (Nicole in Italian vn.?)
  • Olivia de Treville as Eva, miscredited as Nicole? (Olivia in Italian vn.)
Notes and Reviews

The credits on the back cover are: Iris, Eva, Betty, Lenka, Denise, Nicole and Laura in the chronological order, but Eva should probably be Olivia de Treville (as Eva is her German alias) miscredited as Nicole, vice versa the blonde should be Nicole and miscredited as Eva.


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