< Die Beichte der Josefine Mutzenbacher

Released: 1979
Director: Hans Billian
Notes: DVD Tabu, Tabu 4420 (VHS), 76 mins., no credits at all
Alternate Titles
  • Die erotischen Erlebnisse der J.M. screen title (in German) of Dutch DVD
  • Josephine USA, After Hours Cinema DVD, widescreen, has fake American credits and more exterior shots
  • Jos√©phine, bonne √† tout faire France, VHS, Coll. prestige Exhibitions, vol. 9
Notes and Reviews

This is not the original title of Sensational Janine, as some sites state, and Patrica Rhomberg is not in it. The names Linda Rogers and Irene Silver often associated with Sensational Janine and, probably erroneously, with this film, are assumed to be fake American credits.

Males include -

  • Erwin Neuhauser plays the accordionist in dinner party (non-sex)
  • Sascha Atzenbeck plays the postman (receives bj)
  • Frithjof Klausen plays the dominated client (non-sex)
  • Mario Pollak plays Herr Dichter, a client
  • Rainer Abendroth plays a client in the final orgy scene

Josefine's stepfather from Sensational Janine, Frithjof Klausen, appears here in a schoolboy outfit being dominated in the brothel.

A mature-ish redhead, assumed to be Jane Iwanoff plays Josefine. Her young cousin (XNK0080) arrives while she is with a client. Later Josefine initiates her.

There is a scene at a dinner party similar to the one in Professional Janine involving Jane Iwanoff, a brunette (XNK0079), a silver-haired blonde maid (XNK0082) and a fat brunette cook (Marita Kemper).

Josefine takes her cousin to a restaurant/pick-up joint where another unidentified brunette (XNK0077) has a scene with two men and then with the owner. The cousin picks up an older man and has sex with him.

Josefine then takes her cousin to a brothel where the goings on can be watched through spyholes by male clients attended by hookers wanking them off (e.g. a slim brunette, XNK0075). A rather tubby redhead dominatrix (XNK0074) is one of those spied on with her client. A slim redhead (Catherine Tailleferre) has a b/g/g scene with Josefine and a client. Josefine's cousin wanks off a client watching this.

Then Josefine takes her cousin with the slim redhead to this rich client's house for further frolics.

Finally there is an orgy scene in a plush restaurant involving Josefine, her cousin, the slim redhead, a brunette (Christine Klinger, who looks similar to a cast member in Bienenstich im Liebesnest), a curly haired dirty blonde (Paola Pasetti) who was the maid in Ekstasen, Madchen und Millionen, and Barbara Moose, plus various hangers on.

There are no credits. Jane Iwanoff has the title role, and Barbara Moose is easily recognised.

Extra information from B. S.

This film was also sold as Super 8 loops at the time, splitting into five loops:

  • Tabu 0131 Liebe beim Heurigen (150m Super8)
  • Tabu 0132 Die neugierige Cousine (150m Super8)
  • Tabu 0133 Bordell der Perversionen (150m Super8)
  • Tabu 0134 Drei geile Muschis (150m Super8)
  • Tabu 0135 Josefines Bumsparadies (150m Super8)

Thanks to Herschi for the information about the loops.

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