< Le Bouche-trou

Released: 1976
Director: Jean-Claude Roy as Patrick Aubin
Notes: Tanagra / FFCM, 89 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Esperienze pornografiche Italy, 100 mins.
  • Femmes à hommes Alpha France re-release title, 86 mins. (widescreen download)
  • Joelle - hona Bland Hannar
  • Les Pénétrables
  • La Pénétrée Alpha Video, Fil à Film
Notes and Reviews

The Italian video is at least ten minutes longer, the main difference being a longer version of one of the last sex scenes between Joëlle and her young fellow hitch-hiker.

Males -

  • Serge Casado plays François
  • Jacques Gatteau, as Jack Gatteau, plays Michel Milan
  • Daniel Berton plays Patrick
  • Jacques Insermini, orgy scene, plays Paul
  • Jean-Louis Vattier, plays the doctor who picks up Joëlle and takes her to the orgy
  • Michel Carin plays the fleeing teenage hitch-hiker
  • Charlie Schreiner, uncredited, given lift on her motorbike
  • Gabriel Coez, uncredited, non-sex, in sequence with Schreiner and Fourquet
  • male in hotel room
  • maitre d' (non-sex)
  • male in restaurant
  • third male in orgy

Photographic model François gives work a higher priority than he does to his lover Joëlle, abandoning her mid-love-making after a phone call. Frustrated, she goes on the prowl on her motor bike, looking for sex from a 'substitute' (bouche-trou).

There are several flashbacks, confusing the sequence of events. The first meeting with her lover is shown - he is her model in a nude photo session and she then has sex with him.

She rides off on her bike and does some nude sunbathing in the dunes, books into a hotel where Martine Grimaud is the receptionist.

She spies on a couple having sex in a room there (Mare-Christine Chireix and an unidentifiable male, has a g/g session with Martine and then ther is a flashback to a threesome with her lover and XNK0841. She gets off with a fellow diner at a restaurant (Jacques Gatteau)and then gives Charlie Schreiner a lift on her motor bike.

He takes her to a house where a couple are sharing a bath on the patio and she hallucinates (?) that he is making love to Chantal Fourquet in the garden.

Joëlle drives off on her bike and crashes. She is rescued by Jean-Louis Vattier and a woman (Elisabeth Graine) in their car. They drive her off to a large house where they are shown into the lounge where there are several guests (including Chantal Nora, Jacques Insermini and another man) and an orgy follows when Chantal strips.

Joëlle goes off with the third male (Patrick) at the orgy to another house, but he seems uninterested in sex; so she goes off to hitch-hike and seduces a teenage lad, also trying to hitch a lift, she finds by the roadside.

Finally she returns home to François to find him and his male lover in their bed. Unfazed, she takes part in a threesome with them.

Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.

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