< Bauer Piepenbrink

Released: 1990s
Notes: MMV, DVD 51062; c. 78 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Bauer Piepenbrink ...und seine triebigen Töchter
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Alex I
  • Attiliano Ferucci
  • Ferdinand Hillmann as Ferdi
  • Jean-Pierre Armand as Jean-Pierre
  • Rene Baar as Ralf
  • Robert Rosenberg as Robert
  • Ts. Alice (transvestite)
  • Ts. Roxana (transvestite)
  • Wilfried


  1. Magda [6] and Rene Baar [bj, vaginal, facial]
  2. Georgina and Wilfried [bj, vaginal]
  3. Dina Pearl and Ferdinand Hillmann [bj, vaginal, facial]
  4. Hyapatia and Attiliano Ferucci [bj, vaginal, anal, facial]
  5. Alexandra Ross, Alex I and Robert Rosenberg [bj, vaginal, dp, facial]
  6. Alexandra Ross and Ferdinand Hillmann [bj]
  7. Eniko Wrabel, Karina [6], Jean-Pierre Armand and Robert Rosenberg [bj, vaginal; facial for Eniko]
  8. Ts. Alice and Ts. Roxana [bj]


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