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Released: 1982
Director: Pierre Unia
Notes: re-released in 1989
Alternate Titles
  • Les Petites curieuses stolen title on Italian video
  • Il Profondo sapore dell'amore Italian title
Notes and Reviews

The Italian video is called Il Profondo sapore dell'amore and its credits are - dir. Pierre Unia, Danielle Troger (not in this film), Patrick Lyonnet, Alain Plumet. Italian credits are not to be relied upon and these (including the title) may be lifted from a different film. However, the director could well be Pierre Unia as in one scene there are posters of other films on the wall, one of which is Estelle e Flora, which he directed. This also dates this film to 1979 or later, probably two or three years later.

Males spotted -

  • André Kay
  • Charlie Schreiner (archive footage)
  • Ghislain Garet
  • Sylvio Ray

Claire Lenoir and a thin girl with short dark hair (Patricia) are peeping tomettes. They spy on people having sex in neighbouring apartment blocks using binoculars and masturbate or have lesbian sex while doing so. I suspect archive footage is used for the scenes they spy on - Charlie Schreiner is one of the men involved.

Two detectives, André Kay and Sylvio Ray, are sent by their boss (Ghislain Garet) to investigate. They got to Clair's apartment. she isn't there, but they find the maid (Josiane Beongura) having sex with a man and spy on her. Then they and the maid spy on the man having anal sex with another woman (face unseen). The two men then have sex with the maid.

Later all three detectives go to the apartment and try to have sex with Clair Lenoir, but her friend comes in with a gun. Then the two girls have their way with the men. They send the maid out and she returns dressed as a male Arab and the girls force the men to submit to being sucked off by 'him'. Then they reveal the deception and the friend goes off into another room with the boss detective and has sex with him and the others have a foursome in which the maid gets a DP.

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