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Released: 2008
Director: Christian Lavil
Notes: Alkrys
Alternate Titles
  • Der König von Mösien Magma
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Dino Toscani plays Le roi (the King)
  • Francesco Malcom plays Charmant
  • Phil Hollyday plays Le prince charmeur (Prince Charming)
  • Tony Carrera plays Le chasseur (the hunter)
  • Sebastian Barrio plays Lécheur (licker)
  • Michaël Cheritto plays Baiseur (screwer)
  • Rico Simm,ons plays Niqueur (fucker)
  • William le Bris, as William, plays Pineur (cocksman)
  • Philippe Duroc plays Le ménestrel (the minstrel)
  • Rash, end credits only, plays Le loup (the wolf), non-sex
  • Rodolph Antrim, opening credits only, plays something like a chamberlain to the king and queen

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