< Bäddat för lusta

Released: 1972
Director: Rune Ljungberg
Notes: Sweden, Opalfilm, 68 mins.
Notes and Reviews

A hardcore pseudo documentary.

The following is an attempted (Google Language tools plus free interpretation) of the very descriptive opening credit sequence:

A Rune Ljungberg film from the adult clubs era when 50 clubs put colour into the city's nightlife.

Recorded at the Galaxy with some of the strippers and the live show couples who then performed on club stages. Meet the most legendary in those roles who daily performed before their audience. (?)

  • Lajla of Stockholm "Queen Bee" of pornobiz showpieces: live shows with a candle in each hole. Has roles in several of R. Ljunberg's movies. Plays the role of sex consultant.
  • Kristina in the role of the Virgin. Talented showgirl at the Exclusive podium.
  • Yvonne in the role of Elsa Tonguetip (?), celebrated lesbian showgirl on stage.
  • Pia, famous showgirl with a cool sensual charm.
  • Maria, hot showgirl who ignites her audience.
  • Karin, sensual talented showgirl. A tornado on stage.
  • Bengt as a consultant "ståpick" (sweet prick?) with 491 "mödomar" (virgins) to his credit. (Google baffled here.)
  • Johnny, live show artist twho drew women to the ringside.
  • Lars, experienced 'goat' with a rugged style that went with the audience.
  • Donna, admired and celebrated showgirl from Brazil.
  • Juanita, exotic beauty from South America.

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