< Beschonken Nr. 1

Released: 2007
Director: none credited
Notes: Quest Erotic Entertainment, cat. no. 8712806041546; also stars Alicia (as Alice) and Mika (as Dominica; both bgafd)
Notes and Reviews

86 minutes, Dutch/German/English audio. Notes by Johray1:

  1. Alicia, Dries Breyne (BJ, vag, facial)
  2. Mika, Breyne (BJ, vag, facial)
  3. Gina, Breyne (BJ, vag, head-stamping, facial)
  4. Maja, Maik (BJ, vag, facial)
  5. Jacky, Maik, Breyne (BJs, vag, cumshots on tits)
  6. Melly, Jean Pallett (BJ, vag, facial).

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