< Chaude et perverse Émilia

Released: 1977
Director: Lazlo Renato
Notes: Bachaumont Productions / Impex Films, Cinémyr, 84 mins. (video with this title 76 mins.)
Alternate Titles
  • Ardente et infidèle Émilia
  • Chaude Émilia
  • Hot and Perverse Emilia
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Gabriel Pontello plays Gabriel
  • Richard Lemieuvre plays Richard
  • Patrick Lyonnet
  • Daniel Trabet plays the Italian

My copy has the title Ardente et infidèle Émilia, French sound, and no credits apart from the name of the director.

Flore narrates a reminiscence of her relationship with passionate but unfaithful Émilia while writing it down in a notebook - with a quill pen for some strange reason.

First we see the pair make love (almost entirely soft). Then we see them on holiday in Italy, in Venice and, perhaps, Florence. There Émilia invites a man to her hotel room and Flore listens in anguish at the door.

They move on into the Alps to visit a friend, Anne, in her chalet. There Émilia fakes a skiing accident so that she can get off with Gabriel. They watch an anonymous couple have sex in a barn, then adjourn to her room. Flore relates a tale of Gabriel's sexual perversity and we see Liliane Lemieuvre take on three men - Gabriel Pontello, Richard Lemieuvre and Patrick Lyonnet - in front of a poster of a South Sea beach.

Gabriel demonstrates his ways again when he visits the chalet in search of Émilia. She is at the cinema with Flore; so he seduces Anne.

Then we see flashbacks of an orgy with Émilia at the centre of a jumble of bodies including Richard Lemieuvre and another male whose face is unseen, Brigitte Lahaie, Danièle Troeger, Liliane Lemieuvre, XNK0407, Claude Janna, a woman who could be Sandrine Pernelle, a woman in a mask and maybe another woman who was difficult to cap.

Then Flore and Émilia have an argument, Flore calling her 'une salope', before Émilia drives off in her car, going off the road on a bend and dying in the ensuing explosion.

At the end Flore dreams of Émilia beckoning her into the next world.

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