Released: 1995
Director: Mario Salieri
Notes: Italy, released by Colmax in France
Alternate Titles
  • C.K.P.
  • CKP - Cetnicki Koliacki Pokret
  • CKP - Guerra en la ex-Jugoslavia Spain, Negro & Azul
  • Aliona as Elvira Storace plays Masha, Grebak's fiancée
  • Hécate as Ekat Porel, non-sex, plays Djordje/Jorge's mother
  • Joy Karin's plays Vera/Voira Neretva, Vila's and Grebak's sister
  • Lea Martini as Mauricia Parker; plays Vila and Grebak's cousin
  • Maria de Sanchez as Maria Sanchez, plays a Serbian nationalist/guerrilla
  • Maria Szolontai as Judith Rastik plays Maria, Jorge's fiancée
  • Michele Soavy as Michela Soavi; plays a prisoner
  • Nicolette as Federica Silvestri; plays Grebak's student friend
  • Nikita plays a prisoner
  • Olivia del Rio plays the jailer
  • Rosa Giampaolo as Emanuela Ponti, non-sex, plays a Sarajevo woman who cared for Vila after her escape
  • Sandy Foster non-sex, plays Savka (daughter of the Sarajevo woman who cared for Vila)
  • Selen plays Vila Neretva
  • Serena Ippoliti non-sex, plays a prisoner (Vila's aunt, mother of the prisoner played by Lea Martini)
  • Tunde [3] as Eliana Dante, plays a young prisoner
Notes and Reviews

There are three actresses in non-sex roles credited as prisoners: Maria Grazia Rovelli, Rosa Gentile, Elia Antonelli; and there are some uncredited women, also in non-sex roles.

See this forum post.

Credited males (does not include all males preent) -

  • Francesco Malcom plays Grebak Neretva
  • Roberto Malone, as Robert Malone, plays Luka Bobic
  • Valentino plays Jorge
  • Don Fernando plays a Serb nationalist
  • Silvio Evangelista plays a Serb nationalist
  • Jolth Walton a Serb nationalist
  • Tony Hackster plays a Serb nationalist
  • Danny Mariello plays Mirko
  • Marco Tidona plays a jailer
  • Sergio Santini plays a jailer
  • Massimo Palazzi plays a prisoner
  • Salvatore Cafiero plays Jorge's father
  • Sergio Musumeci plays a prisoner
  • Filippo Battaglia plays a prisoner
  • Eric Silvestri plays a prisoner
  • Frank Cremona plays a prisoner

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